Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets, 60 Tablets (Packaging May Vary)

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • 100% Drug Free Dietary Supplement
  • Backed By 5 Clinical Trials
  • No.1 Selling Hair Growth Supplement Worldwide
  • Contains Amino Mar And Biotin
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Customer Reviews

Suspicious of Product AuthenticityI've been using this on and off for a few years. I noticed in the last year it was not working as well, my hair was not growing as fast. I read other reviews stating it wasn't the same product as sold by the company or say another distributor like Walgreens or CVS. I went to Walgreens to purchase and sure enough the pills look, taste, and smell differently. I saw more results in less than one month of taking the pills from the store than I did in 3 months with the ones from Amazon.1Viviscal Works! Worth the Money!This Viviscal product just works! It really helped to regrow my hair and eyebrows, and I also got the added benefits of stronger nails. I love Viviscal, and since I started using it with Pronexa by HairGenics - Clinical Strength Hair Growth & Regrowth Shampoo With Biotin -- my hair has been growing like CRAZY. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures to show everyone the huge difference in my hair. Thicker, shinier, more body, and faster growing hair, even hair regrowth! And, they work quickly. The instructions said that you d probably need 3 months before seeing results, but I noticed results after only about 6-7 weeks. Great products!5Great ResultsSince I started using this product last year, my hair has grown and thickened. I don't like the huge pills, but they definitely work. My sister told me about Propidren DHT Blocker with Saw Palmetto to Prevent Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Follicles to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair and it is the best product around to keep hair from thinning. She has gotten many family members and friends to use it. It takes about 90 days to see a difference. But even her hairdresser can tell when she stops using it and when she begins using it again. She has recommended this product.5Best Hair Skin and Nails Formula I have tried!I started taking these tablets many years ago and I loved how fast they made my hair grow. Unfortunately I could no longer find them in stores and it's a little foolish to ask because all the bottle says is "HAIR" I was so thrilled to find Propidren DHT Blocker with Saw Palmetto to Prevent Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Follicles to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair I take two a day just as I did before and I haven't measured my hair but I can grab a loc from the middle of my head and fully extend my arm again. I had at least 2 inches in a month. The only downfall is ALL OF MY BODY HAIR GROWS QUICKLY. So here I am with a lovely head of hair and a beard!! lol Okay no beard.... but geez!! my brows wont stay arched very long and my legs look like man legs.. I'm glad it's winter!! I love these tablets5FAKE REVIEWS on this page; product doesn't has allowed false reviews to flourish on this product page. I have called their attention to one that uses MY IMAGE without authorization (username: Kate, who has also posted a number of other seemingly false reviews on numerous unrelated products), and Amazon has refused to take it down. The reviews you are reading for this product are largely FAKE, as are many others on, most likely. I have used this product and found it to be lacking.1

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Viviscal

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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    - Yogita Dodani

    Very good product at very good price, you have a happy :-) customer. Over all, I am completely happy with my purchase. God bless you.

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    - Megha Ghosh

    Perfect packaging, product reached on time. Thanks for bringing this product to India