Travel Storage Case For The Professional Rechargable Oral Irrigators By Toilet Tree Products Irrig

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • This Travel Case Comes With 2 Extra Irrigator Tips ($9.95 Value!)
  • This Case Fits Both The Professional Oral Irrigator By Toilet Tree Products And Also The Posiedon Oral Irrigator By Toilet Tree Products
  • Prevent Your Oral Irrigator From Turning On In Your Suitcase While Traveling
  • Keep Your Irrigator And Tips Neatly Organized While Traveling
  • **Does Not Include Oral Irrigator Must Purchase Separately **
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Customer Reviews

Comparing the New inductive charge , with previous models, nice, full reviewI bought this ToiletTree after my old tank counter top Waterpik stop working (8years), and the hose broke.The reason why I choose the ToiletTree is that on April 2014 I bought my dad a similar unit model # TTP-Pro2000w. (The second generation)It s been over a year, and my dad is very happy with his unit, he had zero problems with it.So having a good feedback from a family member, the obvious choice was to get a new unit from the same manufacturer. When I find a product that works, and it s reliable I do not feel like experimenting with new things.So my dad and I sat down, and compared both products side by side, to see what changes the manufacturer have done after a year, and if the changes are positive or negative.Below are pictures of the new model and the older one side by side.Both units have the same size, shape and almost the same weight (very little difference between both)The new one that I got has the refill on the bottom of the tank, which it s more comfortable to do than the older one; on both of them you can slide out and remove the water tank for either filling or to empty, and dry out the tank.The new one its inductive charging, which means that you only leave it on its cradle to charge, there are no physical metal contacts between parts or cables that you need to plug in to charge the unit, I went for this design since I have an Oral toothbrush that also charges by induction, and it has proven to be reliable and without complications.The new one has a press button to release the head and then pull out, the older one it s just pull. I am guessing it s a safety feature, so the head does not come out by itself while working (something that never had happen to my dad).The other cosmetic changes are the tank that was changed from an opaque blue, to a clear blue, and the sticker for the buttons, which still carries the same functions.Overall the manufacturer has improved the design, without doing drastic changes, something that I agree with.Performance wise, the old Waterpik counter top had more water volume, and more pressure. But in the other hand the Waterpik counter top is much noisier (tack, tack, tack noise that was very loud), I had to stretch a lot the hose to reach my mouth (I am 6 2 ), and it takes too much counter space.I already did my first flossing with it, the product does the job that is intended for, it is more comfortable for me to use this cordless unit than the older counter top with the hose.I have large hands, and it is very easy for me to hold it in my hands, I think that a kid or an adult with smaller hands may not have the same opinion, so I recommend that you read other reviews, and opinions with regards to the size of the unitIt s a matter of choices, I am new at using a portable cordless irrigator, and I see in it a lot of advantages compared to the counter top irrigator, I will update this review in a couple of months to give a better feedback.I hope the review is helpful, if you have any questions or comments please let me know. Happy water flossing!Pictures below, left new induction charger model, right the older plug-in charge model, and tank removal.5Excellent quality and design, amazing battery life, nicely contoured, but still rather bulky and under-poweredI have been using this unit for over 5 weeks.Pros: The unit is very well made, excellent materials, perfect fit & finish of its components. It's cordless and rechargeable from any USB source. I charge it from my laptop. Excellent for travel, as it's *rather* compact and you don't have to carry around a transformer or plug adapter. It also comes with a dual voltage plug/transformer with a female USB output, but I have not needed it. The USB cord is separate (not attached to the charging plug), so you can plug the unit into any USB source. Runs about 2 weeks on a single charge! Very impressive battery life. This thing would make an awesome, high-powered squirt gun.Cons: The USB charging cord is specific to this unit, i.e. the end that plugs into the unit is not a standard USB Mini or USB Micro tip. The cord plugs into a two-prong male receptacle, and that receptacle comes with a silicon plug to keep it dry. Considering the careful design of this unit, I would guess that a standard USB Mini- or Micro plug could not be kept sufficiently dry. The water reservoir is only large enough to floss 1/2 of your teeth, so you have to refill it mid-flossing to complete the job. The unit is feels bulky in your hand (in spite of its contours) and tricky to maneuver, especially the tongue-side of the bottom teeth: When the reservoir is any less than 1/2 full, the unit must remain fairly vertical, or the water pickup tube just sucks air. So, you have to hold the unit vertically and maneuver your head and mouth around the nozzle! This is tricky to learn, but sort of second nature to me now. It's not as powerful as my water flosser at home (Waterpick). I wish the higher power setting were really strong. It seems to get the job done, but I would like a stronger jet. Also, you'd better memorize where the on/off button is, cause you have to turn it off while it's still in your mouth, or you will shoot water all over your bathroom! Trust me on this. :-/All things considered, this could still be the best cordless water irrigator out there. (Reviews of the Philips Sonicare Airfloss, which I had high hopes for because of its ultra-slim design, are generally poor.)4Excellent in Every WayPRODUCT: I bought the Toilet Tree irrigator instead of another brand mostly because of the reviews here. I'm thoroughly satisfied with it: the reservoir is big enough to be practical, but small enough not to make the unit clumsy or heavy; the charge lasts for about a week of twice-a-day, thorough use; the irrigator is easy to fill in an ordinary bathroom sink; its being cordless makes it safer, cleaner, and more convenient than plug-in kinds of irrigators; and the normal / soft / pulse modes are all one needs.RESULTS: This oral irrigator works wonders! My dentist and hygienist had told me that, even after "deep cleaning," the pockets in my gums would not shrink. After using the Toilet Tree Oral Irrigator twice a day for four months after that cleaning and root planing, the depth of the worst pocket changed from 6 mm to 4 mm, from "cause for alarm" to "not great, but for 69-years-old teeth, pretty normal." I was tremendously relieved, and the professionals were truly impressed. Using this irrigator keeps my gums healthy and my teeth really clean.SERVICE: After six months, the switch on my earlier model began turning itself on and off, and then it stopped working. I emailed Toilet Tree and told them, and their immediate, no-questions-asked response was that they'd replace the unit at no replacement or shipping or any other cost to me. It arrived within a week. Super service!OVERALL: An inexpensive but wonderfully effective oral irrigator, backed up by a manufacturer who's serious about providing a superior product.5

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: ToiletTree Products

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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    Very good product at very good price, you have a happy :-) customer. Over all, I am completely happy with my purchase. God bless you.

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    Perfect packaging, product reached on time. Thanks for bringing this product to India