The Wet Brush Metallics Collection 2 Pack , Metallics Blue & Pink Value Pack!!

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Ouchless Detangler & Massager Soft, Flexible Bristles Detangle Hair With Ease!
  • Works Great On Wet And Dry Hair
  • Perfect For Men, Women And Kids
  • For Thick, Curly & Straight Hair
  • Value Pack! 2 Metallics Wet Brushes, Blue & Pink
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Customer Reviews

I absolutely love this brushI absolutely love this brush. I bought the bundle because it makes the price per brush cheaper. I gave the pink one to my mom. The colors have a metallic brushed coating and the colors are darker than in the photos. My mom has thin hair and she loves that it's so gentle and she can easily get knots out. I have thick, thick hair. I wake up with hair in literal knots at the nape of my neck. This brush gets every knot out without pulling. At first I thought it wasn't brushing out the knots (common occurrence with my thick hair) but I was pleasantly surprised!! My hair didn't become super frizzy, didn't snap and break, and the knots were brushed out! I absolutely love this brush and so does my mom!5OMG!! IT WORKS!!I was a skeptic. I saw a brief review of this brush on tv. I didn't really think it would work, so I went looking on YouTube. Still not a believer, I ordered The Wet Brush, thinking, 'yeah, we'll see'. Did I ever!! To my happy surprise, it works! I have long, naturally curly hair. It tangles and knots all by itself. It's a constant fight, and I still end up cutting tangles out frequently.The technique that worked for me with this brush was to give my hair short, light strokes. The second and successive brush strokes were longer and deeper. By the third or fourth, the tangles were out.I used this brush on dry and wet hair. Success with both! I'm amazed, no longer yelping as I brush my hair and very happy.If this review has been helpful to you, please click yes below. Thank you.5BUY THIS BRUSH!!I ordered these for my daughter who has LONG, loose natural curls. It is torture for her to brush her hair because it easily tangles. I had heard about the Wet Brush and thought we would give it a shot. Much to my surprise, these brushes lived up to the hype. She was so excited that she could brush through her hair with very little effort. Straight out of the shower, this brush would go through her hair like butter. I am thankful that we ordered the 2 pack so she is free to take one with her wherever she goes! I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone that has issues with brushing hair. No more tears here!!5I really wanted to like this brushI really wanted to like this brush. I have very thick wavy hair and I needed to replace some old Goody and Conair paddle brushes. I tried these because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews. Maybe this brush isn't good for my hair, I don't know. All I can say is that I've never had more breakage than I have when I started using these brushes. It just rips my hair out, but it doesn't hurt. I know it's the brush because I'll see strands of hair that have fallen out immediately after using the brush. I even tried combing with a wide-toothed comb before using the brush. When that didn't work, I started using the brush only when my hair is dry, but it's not helping (plus the brush is advertised to say that it can be used on wet hair). I actually found an old dollar store cheapo brush until I can get a better replacement. Truly disappointed.1These brushes work great. I personally shave my head and these provide ...These brushes work great. I personally shave my head and these provide a great massage (joking). My daughter has very long hair, and it really gets the tangles out without hurting her. Another woman in my life has very thick wavy hair and my daughter let her borrow her brush and she fell in love with it. Works great on wet or dry hair. Even with 5 different brushes in the drawer this is the brush that gets all the use. Only thing I noticed was the finish started peeling on the "metallic" finish brushes handle after only a couple months.4

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Wet Brush

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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    Very good product at very good price, you have a happy :-) customer. Over all, I am completely happy with my purchase. God bless you.

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    Perfect packaging, product reached on time. Thanks for bringing this product to India