Teddie Organics Rosehip Seed Essential Oil, 1 Fl. Oz.

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  • High Up In The Mountain Air Of Southern Chile The Mapuche Indians Have Been Using Rosehip Oil For Centuries. This Amber Oil Has Been Used To Protect Their Skin From The Anti Aging Effects Of The Harsh Weather, Heal Scars, Soothe Burns And Treat Rashes And Stretch Marks During Pregnancy.
  • This Wonder Oil Can Help You Too This Oil Is A Great Natural Moisturizer Which Will Help To Soothe Dry Skin Conditions, Minimize The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Slow Down Skin Aging, Many Users Have Also Reported A Reduction In Redness, Age Spots, Scars As Well As Improved Skin Tone And Elasticity. Read Some Of Our Reviews Below.
  • Your Bottle Contains Just One Ingredient Organic, Cold Pressed, Rosehip Seed Oil. Check The Pictures Opposite For Proof. Your Oil Comes In A Dark Amber Bottle To Minimise Light Seepage And With An Easy To Use Dropper Top. Choose Between The 1oz Trial Gift Size Or The 4oz Best Value Size. Dont Forget To Use Your Coupons For Multi Buys!
  • This Is A True Head To Toe Product When You Order From Us Today We Will Send You A Free Pdf Guide Detailing All The Ways You Can Make The Most Of This Oil. You Might Find Some Surprising Uses In There! Karen Said On November 30 "Ive Only Been Using The Oil For A Few Weeks But Already My Skin Feels Stronger And Smoother." Kelly Said On November 21 "Great For A Moisturizer And Scar Reduction! Excellent Customer Service As Well!"
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We Believe Our Rosehip Oil Is Great For All Skin Types. However, If Youre Not 100% Satisfied With Your Purchase We Will Insist On Refunding Your Money. You Even Get To Keep The Bottle So Your Friends Or Family Can Try It Out. Its What We Call Our Risk Free Lifetime Guarantee. Sarah Said On October 21 "Love, Love, Love This Oil. Id Heard Good Things About It And Decided To Give It A Try And Am So Happy I Did!" Why Dont You Give Us A Try Today?
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Customer Reviews

Miracle oilThis is an amazing product. I have suffered from acne since I was 11 years old. I am now 26. As you can Imagine, I have aquired some pretty bad scars and discoloration over the years. This product not only has helped with my scars in the few weeks that I have been using it, but it is helping my acne as well. Yesterday morning, my boyfriend actually asked me if I was wearing makeup while we were eating breakfast in our kitchen. Usually, my skin looks pretty bad before I get dressed in the morning. the fact that he thought I was wearing makeup really speaks volumes. I am really thankful that I came across this product. It is helping my skin a lot. Another nice thing is that it works really well under my makeup. Since I have combination skin, I have always had a hard time balancing the oils and dryness of my skin while wearing makeup. I always use powder on my skin after I apply foundation because I need it to soak up excess oil, but the powder ends up being too harsh. I could never find a happy medium. Well, now that I have been using this rose hip seed oil under my make up, it leaves me skin looking silky, even after I put powder on top. It really is a miracle for me :) Coming from someone who has struggled for years trying to find a solution to acne, this is really worth trying. It is far better than argan oil too.5Really pleased with the noticeable improvement after one week.I am 59 years old and the skin on my face shows some of the common signs of the aging process. I am happy with my skin care products but was feeling like I needed to include something to provide additional nourishment and promote restoration, if possible. Rosehip oil caught my attention some time ago and after looking at many products and reading all the reviews I was drawn to this specific brand. I had no magical expectations, but I have to say I am surprised that my skin is showing such noticeable improvement in the short time I have been using this rosehip oil. It has a non-oily feeling and is readily absorbed into my skin, leaving a velvety soft, matte feeling and appearance. Luxurious comes to mind. In a little more than a week of twice daily use, the texture of my skin is much smoother and the pigmentation is noticeably more even. The fine lines around my eyes are softened and less noticeable. I have never been a smoker, but I inherited my mother's pattern of vertical wrinkles along my upper lip line that is common with smokers They have been bothering me for a while and have me considering some laser intervention ;) but, they are noticeably diminished and if they continue to improve I may just avoid that laser. My skin has a more youthful appearance and feels lovely. I use this rosehip oil on my entire body and those little age spots on my hands also appear noticeably diminished. I am really pleased with the changes I have experienced up to this point and am enjoying the possibility of continued improvement.5Month Of Use - Awesome Oil!To begin, I am not affiliated or did I receive anything (discount, etc.) from Teddie Organics. That's something I always like to check for so I wanted to put it out there first.WHY I PURCHASED THIS: This is my first time using any kind of rosehip oil (= rosehip seed oil). I originally purchased this item because:1) Have eczema (since I was very young but it's definitely improved as I've aged)2) Have sensitive, dry skin and was having very flaky itchy skin around my eye lids and neck3) Enjoy using naturally derived productsMY EXPERIENCE: I've been using this every morning and night for about a month. I started on 1/24/2016. I have been using this on my most itchy problem areas, my eye lids and my neck/up to my chin area. At first, for the first half of the month, I didn't notice an immediate relief or difference and was going to leave a so-so review. However, a few weeks ago I noticed my neck area and scarring (from scratching) have improved a lot, where other people notice as well. My eyelids, which used to flake and itch even though I moisturize like crazy, have become smooth and stay hydrated throughout the day. I will upload photos of my neck progress.CONCLUSION (so far): Natural products are not silver bullets. Therefore, this oil is not going to bring overnight differences or improvements for everyone (maybe for some though). For me, it didn't really kick in until many weeks later, but I'm glad I didn't stop using it. Now that I've been at it for a month, my skin is noticeably smoother, more hydrated, and calm. It can still get a little itchy sometimes but part of the solution is me not scratching. It's one of the few products I've had a major improvement with. It doesn't feel like it's just calming my skin down, but rather changing it slowly and healing it from inside out.5Life changing!This oil is absolutely amazing! I have had problem skin for literally my whole life. My mom said that I had a pimple as young as two years old. I've been on accutane twice, used antibiotics and topical antibiotics, tried every damn face cleanser ever including Proactiv. Only recently have I found a friend who told me "When you get acne on your cheeks, it means your allergic to something." So I played with my diet and found that my cystic acne is due to gluten sensitivity. At least now I know! But I've been left with lots of scarring and dark marks and this oil has helped SO MUCH. It even helps tremendously with healing newly popped pimples. I've also bought a popping-kit which helps to pop them in a way that reduces any scarring or dark marks.The pictures I've attached are of the healing process from one of the worst pimples I've ever had. The first picture to the left doesnt do it justice for how swollen it was. It had my entire under-eye area red and swollen and it shot pain into my eye. The night that it popped I used this oil and by the next day it looked so much better. This was back in October. Now you can't see where that pimple was at all, when I STILL have dark marks from over a year ago thanks to not knowing how to properly pop them and not having this oil. I also recommend Neem oil (for skin, not plants!) for anyone who has problem skin. I hope that this oil helps you as much as it has for me!5

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Teddie Organics

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