Tea Tree Oil (Australian) 4 Fl.Oz. With Glass Dropper 100 % Pure And Natural Therapeutic Essential O

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  • Supreme Quality Essential Tea Tree Oil This Pharmaceutical Caliber Australia Tea Tree Essential Oil Is 100% Pure, Natural, Unadulterated And Untainted Just To Keep The Efficacy Most Intact. A Purified Product Of Steam Distilled Fresh Leaves. Non Toxin, No Additives, No Preservatives, Unfiltered And Undiluted With No Fillers And No Artificial Ingredients Added. Therapeutic Grade. Bottled In Usa.
  • A Large Size 4 Oz. Bottle Available With A Glass Dropper For Individual Use Most Essential Oils Are Sold In 5ml, 10ml Or 15ml Sizes Even If They Do Come In A Large Size Not Many Are Available With A Glass Dropper. Our Apical Quality Glass Dropper Makes The Dosage Simple And Easy For The User And Prevents Leakage Or Dripping.
  • Powerful Cleanser, Purifier & Rejuvenating Oil: It Is A Versatile Essential Oil.
  • Aromatic And Feel Euphoric Exhaustion, Drowsiness And Irritability Are Recurring Result Of Various Factors That Cannot Be Easily Identified And Unbearable. Free Your Mind, Relax And Feel Serene With The Delightful Smell Of Tea Tree. Prominent Aromatherapy Experts Advocate Storing Essential Oils In A Refrigerated Environment If Not At Least In A Cool Place.
  • Experience The Result Or Money Back We Stand Behind Our Products With 100% Guarantee Policy. Try It And If You Are Not Fully Satisfied We Will Refund Your Money!
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Customer Reviews

Cures all forms of foot funk!First of all, I would like to say that I did NOT receive this discounted, nor did I receive the product for free for my review. I am just writing this for all of those (like me) who don't trust reviews written by people who are given free stuff because... well, this stuff is awesome!! That being said, I just ordered a second bottle of this for myself, full price because I am so thrilled with the results from this oil.I originally purchased this because my scalp was dry during the winter and I know it is supposed to help with that. After receiving the oil and reading about the product a bit more, I read that tea tree oil can be used on your face for occasional breakouts and on your feet to help cure various forms of athletes' foot. ( I wear socks all winter because my feet are cold, so I am always trying to prevent athlete's foot from rearing it's ugly head! )The packaging of this product, as others have stated, was great. No leakage and the dropper provided with this product is great. It screws on tightly and I have had no leaking problems.The smell... well... it smells like tea tree. Nothing Pine Sol-ish about it to me. It isn't something I want to smell like, but it doesn't bother me at all or seem stinky at all.The performance of this product was high above my expectations! I used it in my shampoo to cure my dry scalp and it worked marvelously. No itchy, dry scalp atop my noggin any more! I also used it on my feet and it not only eliminated any traces of athlete's foot that I had, but it softened my feet tremendously. That's not even the best part!! I had a few warts on my feet (Oh, I know.... I'm gross. But I have to tell you about them to tell you why this product rocked my socks off!) So, back to my gross warts: I have tried many things to get rid of these plantar warts - that brush on stuff, duct tape, freezing, potatoes (which I guess is a thing??) and even digging at them with pointy things... all to no avail. The little buggers just got angrier, more painful and usually invited their friends (more plantar warts) to join the fun.Well! Now I have them beaten - Vanquished! I was only using this oil to eliminate athlete's foot, and I had the unexpected result of it getting rid of my warts. They are shrunken and eventually eliminated. I have only been using this oil for about 1 1/2 months too, which is pretty fast in my opinion! I would take a hot shower and after showering, and drying my feet I would drop some oil onto a cotton ball and swab my feet. That's literally it. Once I noticed that the warts were shrinking, I did sometimes also swab them in the morning as well, but that was only when I remembered - so not often.I will say that I tried using this on my face for a zit that popped up (Oh, the image you must have of me in your head now: flaky scalp, warty feet, and zitty face!) and it was FAR too severe for my very sensitive skin. So, I am sure it can be used, but it was too strong for my skin. There are MANY things that are too strong for my very sensitive skin, so I didn't mark off any points for the product.Long story short - this was a fantastic product that did more than I thought it would do, more efficiently than I thought it would and I just bought more to try and coerce my husband into trying it on his feet for his athlete's foot as well. I still have over half a bottle and I have been using it regularly.Buy it for beautiful summer feet and I guarantee you won't be sad that you did!5Before trying any of this I recommend that you research on the internet or ask a ...I've used tea tree oil for years (melaleuca) when I have shingles outbreaks. It clears up the shingles in a couple of days. My recent sinusitis was another thing though. Since the tea tree oil is antiseptic (anti-viral) I put about five drops in boiling water and inhaled the steam with a towel over my head. Five drops is about right for me. Less doesn't make much of a difference and more is too strong for delicate sinuses. My bronchitis cleared up in less than a week and the sinuses took about a month. You might think this was way too long but I usually suffer from bronchitis and sinus issues for as long a year at a time. I was diligent and consistent and used this product in concert with a Neti Pot and a product called Rootology. Before trying any of this I recommend that you research on the internet or ask a Holistic Practitioner what they think. Your medical doc would prescribe a pharmaceutical and I avoid adding more of them to my regimen.5The only product so far that is finally curing my athlete's foot!I've have struggled with athlete's foot on my right foot - affecting between my toes, the ball of my foot, and one of my toe nails - for about 20 years now!! I have tried everything there is... From OTC topical creams like Lotrimin AF and Lamicil, to Lotrimin foot spray, to Lamicil prescription pills, to even getting my toe nail lasered (ouch!) Nothing worked at all... So itchy, ugly and bothersome.I did some research and came across Tea Tree Oil essential oil as a treatment for nail fungus and figured I would give it a try... And OMG!! It's finally going away!! The once itchy/scaley/peeling skin between my toes is finally healing and new smooth skin has emerged. The tiny itchy "blisters" are almost 100% gone too. The worst part and hardest to get rid of is the thick, ugly, discolored toe nail. That one is taking longer to heal but I definitely see a difference so far.The trick is you must be consistent with this regimen!! That's the only way you will see results. A few drops every once in awhile won't do it. Every night I take a hot shower and clean the affected area. Then liberally drop this tea tree oil on the affected area and let it air dry before going to bed. You can also wear a sock if you don't want to wait until it air dries. Do this every night and you will see definite improvements to your foot fungus. I saw mine in just a few weeks and I am so thankful I came across this product! Best part is... It's the LEAST expensive treatment, the bottle lasts a long time, and is a NATURAL remedy without harmful side effects (unless you're allergic, of course). Way better than harmful prescription pills (I had to have my liver checked after 3 months of taking these to make sure they weren't damaging my organs!) I'm only a few weeks in and I won't stop until this damn toe nail gets back to normal!Typically whenever you apply essential oils to the skin you are supposed to use a carrier oil (i.e. fractionated coconut oil) to dilute the oil but I don't with this one. I just drop it directly onto the skin and I have had zero adverse issues. But your skin may react differently than mine so do what is best for you.If you are suffering from athletes foot you need to try this!! Just be patient and consistent...5

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: First Botany Cosmeceuticals

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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    Very good product at very good price, you have a happy :-) customer. Over all, I am completely happy with my purchase. God bless you.

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