Special Effects Sfx Hair Color Hair Dye

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
  • Made In Usa
  • Semi Permanent Cream Formula
  • Vegan Friendly, Not Tested On Animals
  • Conditions Hair As It Colors
  • Made In The Usa

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Customer Reviews

Purple hair, don't care!I have medium brown hair, never previously colored, and this made my hair PURPLE! I love it. It is lasting longer than I thought it would, but it is slowly fading. I get compliments on the color daily.We mixed the dye into hair conditioner so it would distribute through my hair evenly without running out of dye and I left it on about 90 minutes before rinsing.5Looooove it. Pimpin purpleI bought pimpin purple and I love it. It comes out a deep royal purple and over time fades into a bright brilliant hot pink. So seriously you don't have to touch up often if you like the fade. Great colour, great shipping, great price. And I have short hair and my one bottle lasted forFive dyes. And I like to slather it on thick. Keep in mind. These dyes WILL NOT work on natural hair. It will go on, but wash off after one or two washes. But don't go too crazy with the bleach or your hair won't take any dye. I didn't even have to do mine very very light and it took well. Love it lots. Definitely will buy again and excited to try new colours. It runs when wet. But that's it. Wash in cold and use colour safe shampoo. Booya. Perfect. I've added photos of the fresh dye and the fade. I thought it was epic. And I only have to dye it when I kiss the purple. The pink lasts forever.5Great!i used a mix or deep purple and pimpin purple all throughout my long hair. I mixed some with different amounts of conditioner to get more variation on my non-bleached hair and I left it to process for about 3 - 3 1/2 hours. It came out really awesome and honestly I just love this brand. I'm definitely using it again. I also attached the photo of what it turned out like :)5Love the color and the lasting powerI love special effects purely for their staying power because I've tried N'rage, splat, manic panic, and beyond the zone and nothing lasted longer than 2-3 weeks but it's been 6 weeks already and blue velvet is still going strong. The only reason I'm not giving it a 5 star rating is because it does bleed but only in the shower. I wash my hair every other day with cold water only and it's lasted so long already, I love it.The amount you get is decent, the length of my hair is a couple inches past my shoulders and one bottle barely covered it all so if you hair is thick or long, you might wanna get 2 bottles just in case.This is a stain so you do need to pre-lighten your hair first, it does not have to all be even, my hair was yellow with streaks of copper and light, light brown after I bleached it and it looks fine after dyeing, I think it looks more intereating in fact because of the different shades in it. A trick to lessen bleaching damage is to bleach on top of coconut oil, let your hair soak up the oil for about an hour or two then apply the bleach on top and follow the standard time then wash it out with only shampoo and dye right after it dries, your hair holds dye better when it's more porous so it'll stay longer.The seller is good as well, it came in 4 days in a box, the products itself was wrapped in bubble wrap which is something I appreciate.I got Blue Velvet and you can see the color in the pictures, the pictures themselves are from 5 weeks ago and 4 days ago and the color is still going strong.4Amazing Hair Color, Amazing Brand, Amazing Longevity; I LOVE this Dye; BUT KNOW HOW TO USE IT BEFORE DYING IT.I love this hair dye. It's opaque and vivid, lasts quite long compared to other brands, and all while blending 'Blue Velvet' along with Special Effects' 'Electric Blue,' I can successfully maintain a strongly vivid Royal Blue that lasts endlessly. When used alone, 'Blue Velvet' has a heavy dark-purple undertone while 'Electric Blue' looks a little too unnatural for my personal tastes. They're both still great colors, though. To keep my Royal Blue strong, I put this formula of the two blue dyes in with my regularly-used Sulfate-Free Conditioner, only ever use Sulfate-Free conditioner and shampoo, only ever wash under cold water and apply Apple Cider Vinegar regularly; leading to extremely healthy hair and an almost-never-fading outcome. BE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO TREAT YOUR HAIR BEFORE DYING IT, however.Something that drives me nuts is when people complain about "quickly-fading" dyes, but go to absolutely no effort to maintain it. I can legitimately warn you that their Blue Velvet does fade quite quickly into purple/violet/lilac when not maintained well. Their Electric Blue fades purple as well, but lasts much longer than their Blue Velvet. The first time I put my blend of the two dyes into my hair together, [which was bleached to platinum before dying, mind you] I treated it poorly with hot water and sulfate hair products ['Bed Head: Control Freak,' to be exact] as an experiment to just see how fast it would fade. After one wash, it was Easter Purple. With this said, BE CAREFUL HOW YOU USE IT. Do not judge this dye poorly simply because you do not know how to maintain the color. Making any kind of hair dye last takes a lot of hard-work, research and effort, especially for unnatural colors, and because of it's extremely-unnatural chemical formula, Blue is most definitely one of the most difficult to upkeep. Know what you're getting into before dying it, or pastel colors will prevail.Nonetheless, this is a great brand, has a high reputation as one of the most successful for unnatural colors, and I'm happy with it. If you're going to use it, then make sure to implement the recommendations I stated above, or it won't last. Otherwise, the color is vivid and long-lasting as ever. Give it a go. Highly recommended.5

Product Information

Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Special Effects

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