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SHANY Cosmetics

Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M

  • Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M
  • Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M
  • Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M
  • Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M
  • Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M
  • Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M
  • Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M
SHANY Cosmetics

Shany Pro Signature Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle With Wooden Handle, The M

MRP: 11,474.00 7,719.60 Save: (32.72%)
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4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

Product Description Description
  • Hair Materials : Sable, Goat, Badger, Pony , Synthetic Laser Cut Microfiber All Handmade
  • Oak Wood Handle, Anti Bacterial Treated Bristles Collection Of 24 Most Essential Brushes
  • Our Best Seller Cosmetics Brush Set Comes In An Elegant Travel Makeup Storage Box & Rollup Pouch
  • After Each Use, Clean Brushes With Shany Brush Detox Cleanser
  • Designed In Usa With Team Of Makeup Artists & Fans, Proud Member Of Peta And Against Animal Cruelty.
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Customer Reviews

High quality brushes without the high price!I purchased these brushes for myself. I was desperately in need of new ones because I left my bag of brushes somewhere when I was on vacation earlier this month. I loved my brushes and was very disappointed that they were gone. They were Sigma brushes that my parents had gotten me for Christmas. Unfortunately I was not willing to spend that much on brushes and decide to do some searching on Amazon for a highly quality brushes to replace them. I searched through a bunch of different types and read through all of the reviews before deciding to go with this Shany Pro Signature set. Most of those who purchased this brush set were very happy and I was willing to take the risk. I received the brushes in a timely manner (which says something positive about this specific seller) and did not wait long because they arrived on my doorstep. I was so excited! I opened the Amazon box to find that these brushes come in extremely elegant packaging, which I didn t expect for such an inexpensive set of brushes. This made me even more excited to use the product. Before I used the brushes I also found that the set came with storage and instructions. All of these extras were making this brush set look better and better. I was worried at this point that the company was making everything look super nice and threw in extras to make up for the fact that the actual brushes were not great. This was definitely not the case! I used them for the first time yesterday to do my makeup for the day and I was so impressed. I then used them again today to do my own makeup and my younger sister s makeup. After three intense uses of these brushes I can honestly say that they are better than my Sigma brushes. With such an affordable price I am shocked at how awesome this set is. I was not expecting such a high quality set, but am so thankful that I made this purchase! This Shany Pro Signature brush set is perfect for a gift and I am thinking about sending my sister a set of these for her birthday in a few months. I love this product and I highly recommend purchasing these brushes; you won t be disappointed.5AMAZING!!! LUXURIOUS!!! EXCELLENT VALUE!!! PAMPER YOURSELF!!!I wanted to wait until I used these & washed them several times before writing my review. Before deciding to finally purchase these, I did extensive research on them and compared them with many other sets offered on Amazon. I like to get the absolute most for my money &, as a former teacher, I like to share what I've learned. As I researched I learned that the highest quality brushes are handcrafted and made of natural hair. Natural hair is good for applying powders as they distribute the powder more evenly, Synthetic bristles are non-porous and don't absorb as much liquid or cream as the natural bristles, thus not wasting product. Because they are non-porous, they are also easier to wash & some say more hygienic. The bristles should be laser- cut for easy/even application,The ferrules (metal attached to the handle & bristles) should be well-crimped two or three times to be sure the bristles are firmly attached to the handle. The handle should be solid wood with a good weight and easy to hold. I also found a website (sorry I can't find that link anymore) that listed the 10 best inexpensive brush sets to buy and this set was at the top with the Coastal Scents 22 piece set. I can't remember which was first and second, but I think this may have been the set that came in 2nd. The Coastal Scents brushes did not list a lot of information and, personally, these look so much more luxurious compared to the Coastal Scents set. It's very well worth the extra few dollars and you get 2 extra brushes. I also like the variety of the brushes offered in the Shany set better.These Shany brushes are just one of the few I found on Amazon with all of those attributes, and the ONLY ones that have been through a process that treats the brushes and makes them all anti-bacterial. On top of that they had great reviews and are a great price! (This set is $70 or more on other websites) If you'd rather not spend $40 on this set, even Shany's less expensive brushes have most of the same attributes. Another great "extra" is a detailed picture with a number and description of each brush in the set, and each brush is also labeled with that number and description. Many brush sets make you guess which brush does what. Even better, they are shipped by Amazon and come with the Amazon guarantee, and member of PETA so they don't harm animals.Now my personal experience with these brushes. They arrived within 3-4 days of ordering and in perfect condition. Not one of the handles was broken or loose. They came enclosed in a very sturdy cardboard box that is perfect to wrap if giving as a gift. The black brush case was enclosed inside the box with each brush wrapped in cellophane. The larger brushes also came with nice,sturdy plastic brush protectors.The case: Is very well made of thick, black faux leather material with wrap around strings that reach around, more than enough, to tie it closed. The individual brush compartments in mine were sewn a bit crooked, but the brushes are held in place just right. It has four extra slots that are not as expanded as the other slots, but I am able to fit two thin brushes in each (eyeliner/lip/spoolie). There is one open mesh pocket and a zippered. mesh pocket on each side of the case that can store small items like brush guards, thin sponges, small tubes.The brushes: They are so soft and well made! I had only minimal shedding from one or two of the brushes when I washed them before use. One was the fan brush and another was one of the Kabuki brushes F-10 or F-12. which are the only brushes in the set I don't like because my foundation came out streaky. I'm not a cosmetologist so I may not have used the proper technique. However, I will probably try them again. All the rest of the brushes have worked beautifully for me. They have washed well without too much effort. I've had no chipping paint or wood, and do additional shedding. They do call the brush & comb brush a "spoolie", but you will notice in the photo there isn't a true spoolie. I took one from another set to put in one of the extra slots as well as lip liner brush, lipstick brush, and a very thin eyeliner brush. I have t o say that the eye brushes are absolutely phenomenal! There are 9 of them. Those and the fan brush are my favorites.Helpful hints: I didn't pay attention to what order the brushes arrrived in and there are so may all I could remember was the fan brush went in the middle. One thing I wish they would have done to make it easier to find the brushes on the chart, is to have the brushes in the same order they are on the photo description paper that was included. I found a way, though, to organize the brushes the best of my ability so I learn where they are without having to look at the paper all the time to find what I need. I'm a homemaker now, so I don't wear makeup as much as I used to, so it's going to take a few more times for me to get it down pat. The instructions don't mention this, but I noticed a correlation between the letters and what each brush was used for:F- all of these brushes have to deal with the face (11 brushes) All of these are large, except the concealer brush.E- these brushes are for the eyes (8 brushes) These are all small.M- Mineral (powders, bronzer, blush) 3 brushes- largeB- Brows (2 brushes)-smallThe only exception is the blending brush that I use for shadow has the letter F, but I guess it could also be used for the face, too.I grouped them together by letter and numerical sequence as best as I could.I put all the eye shadow brushes & blending brush in the small slots on the left side, The concealer, eyeliner & brow brushes I put in the last slots on the right. The fan brush is exactly in the middle and slightly falls between the folds of the case. I haven't had trouble with the bristles being bent, but the outer plastic brush guard does fold over on each side. I tried the fan brush in a different spot, but it just didn't look right, so I just deal with it because the brush isn't being damaged. I keep the extra flat slots on each side of it open so there us plenty of room beside it. The rest of the larger brushes are spread out on the left and the right of the fan brush. I was able to group the 3 "M" brushes together on the left of the fan brush and put F10 & F12 the furthest to the left with mesh brush guards on them to remind me I don't like those ones.I took a photo of the order in which I arranged the brushes , along with their descriptions, to help me find them much easier than the chart they came with.I hope this helps you in making your decision, & if you choose to buy these, I hope you love them as much as I do, :)5Don't necessarily fall for all the good reviews. Part of the deal is thatSecond review. I just remembered: Don't necessarily fall for all the good reviews. Part of the deal is that, when you get the set, there's a card to tell you that if you write a positive review, they'll send you a free gift. Just saying...1
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