Remington S7901 Wet 2 Straight Slim Plate Wet/Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron With Tourmaline, 1

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Discontinued By Manufacturer
  • Eliminate Blow Drying!
  • Dry And Straighten Hair In One Step
  • Steam Vents Release Excess Moisture As Hair Is Straightened
  • Digital Controls With 26 Heat Settings
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Customer Reviews

Had high hopes.....The positive reviews for this were enough to make me take a chance and buy it. After using it for a few weeks; well, lets just say I'm glad I didn't throw out my old one.I have slightly-longer-than shoulder length hair. It's thick, it's coarse, it takes hours to air dry. If is does air dry, it's frizz city.This product does heat up very fast. And the sound of the steam makes it feel like its really working. However .... it barely dries and therefore, doesn't straighten my hair.With that being said .... on dry hair it straightens well. But if it's named/advertised as 'Wet 2 Straight' then that's what I expect it to do.I gave it another try last night (I keep changing the temp hoping to find the sweet spot) and while running it through my hair, the cheap plastic ends were catching and PULLING strands of hair out of my head.Sorry Remington, I think this is going in the trash.2Remington delivers again!!!I have been an avid user of Remington products for over 15 years. I believe they are comparable to the other high end products out there. I have very thick , wavy hair ( the kind that makes your arms hurt when you blowdry! ). Sometimes in the morning I feel the urge to wash my hair but fear that my whole hair routine of towel drying , blowdrying and ironing will cause me to be late for work. So i decided to give this a try. It was very affordable and and came in quick. I wasnt expecting much from it . Its always better to expect less and then be pleasantly surprised.I was just excited that I wouldnt skip the hair dryer. I am a pro at ironing . I have been using the sil ceramic wide irons by Reminton for years and I still love them and prefer them over my Chi and Paul mitchell. I sectioned my towel dried hair (( I wouldnt use this product on soaking wet hair) and worked this baby on a section and it magically dried it and made it look shiny and healthy. It has little vents that release steam which is less damaging for your hair. Heats up really fast. At first the sizzling was a bit scary but you get used to it. Dont take very thick sections as that may need you to go over it repeatedly thus damaging your hair. According to the manufacturer, the hissing sound is actually a good sign, and it means the moisture is escaping through the vents.One Less Thing To Worry AboutWhile the iron itself is designed to offer convenience, it also has other perks that are (to me), as important. In my world the auto shut-off is a big deal. The iron shuts off after an hour of not being used, which takes a whole lot of concern off of my mind after I leave the house. I have said for ten years that I will learn to shut off my straightener, and I am a lot better at it but not good enough for my (or my husband s) liking.No Wishy Washy PricesThis iron is nowhere near as expensive as it should be if the straightening and drying work as they claim. Just thinking about how much time it would save on my daily schedule makes me smile. In fact, I would be quite happy to pay more for the convenience.No Wishy Washy PricesThis iron is nowhere near as expensive as it should be if the straightening and drying work as they claim. Just thinking about how much time it would save on my daily schedule makes me smile. In fact, I would be quite happy to pay more for the convenience.5This is PERFECTION for 4C hair type!!!I am just getting into flat irons for the first time in my life. My first attempt was with a Conair mini flat iron and the whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth. Not so much because of the flat iron itself but because of the process involved. I had to blow dry my hair first and then flat iron and lets just say that when I was done, there was a lot of breakage and my hair didn't even look flat ironed enough so the hours invested felt pointless. I may very well just stretch out my fro with a blow dryer and be on my merry way.I almost gave up on flat ironing as a styling option but decided look up steam flat irons when a thought occurred to me, since my hair can really only be managed when wet, why not get a water friendly flat iron, a wet to dry? Enter the super light and easily wieldable 1", slim but long plated Remington Wet 2 Straight. This left my hair STRAIGHT AND SHINY! It dries hair very quickly too, in 1-2 swipes! It has been 4 days now and my hair is still straight and shiny! The whole process just took an hour because I am new to flat ironing so it will get much shorter with practise! And I only used between 340-380 degrees. Also, I didn't even detangle my hair and it looks like this. Imagine what it would look like if I took the time to detangle in sections.TIP: when flat ironing on wet or damp hair, do not go too close to the root on your first swipe because the evaporating steam will burn your scalp! I would start halfway, or a quarter way from the root and then work up closer to the root to avoid steam burn.This flat iron is perfect!! I just can't see any other flat iron including the more expensive ones catering to my hair needs like this one does. I had virtually no breakage from it and I am just a beginner! Even the most difficult clothing materials can be ironed straight when wet or damp. Clearly, that also applies here.~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE January 12, 2013.Absolutely no heat damage in sight. How awesome is that for a newcomer and I hear about heat damage from my friends who get theirs done in salons. I highly recommend this flat iron to anyone with my hair type.5

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Remington

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