Phyto Worx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo | With Plant Stem Cells For Hair Recovery And Regrowth

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Phyto Worx Plant Stem Cells Organic Blend Shampoo For Hair Regrowth
  • Integrating Stem Cells And Essential Oils Shown To Improve Hair Loss
  • Rare Plant Stem Cells (Malus Domestica) Originating From Switzerland Combined With Organic Ingredients
  • One Of A Kind Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Stop Hair Loss And Start Regrowing Your Hair Today.
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Customer Reviews

LOVE YOUR HAIR AGAINPhyto Worx Hair Recovery Shampoo Review:Can a shampoo with only natural, organic ingredients really work? My answer is YES! From the very first use, I noticed immediate and impressive results. My hair was shiny, full, bouncy and looked much more healthy. The results just get better. I have had much less hair breakage and have noticed new hair growth around my hairline. My hair is no longer dry and brittle looking and my color vibrancy lasts much longer. The ingredients in this shampoo are completely natural, not a single chemical to strip the life from your hair.You will notice that this shampoo does not produce a lather. Lather is created by chemicals that are usually found in most shampoos. I massage the shampoo into my scalp and get an immediate "tingle" sensation that feels wonderful. I work the shampoo down to the ends and leave it on my hair for 5 minutes before rinsing. I love the scent, it is very spa-like. My hair is so soft and silky after rinsing, I no longer use a conditioner.This shampoo has transformed my hair, bringing back a youthful look and feel after many years of chemical processing, styling products and hot tools had taken their toll. I am very happy to be finally feeding my hair beneficial nutrients that are truly restorative.I will not hesitate to recommend Phyto Worx Hair Recovery Shampoo to my family and friends.5Hair LOOKS best with this product; but I shed much more than I have on othersUnfortunately I'm a 22 year old male with noticably thinning hair. I've used about 4 different shampoo products to this point and I will say that this product definitely makes my hair LOOK better during the day in comparison... Using Nioxin, Vitatress Biotion, and Ultrax Labs Hair Surge before this product helped in some of the shedding of my hair, but often left my hair greasy in the early evening hours of the day when getting home from work. I do prefer this shampoo because of it actually allowing my hair to APPEAR fuller and fresh longer. By using this, it actually makes my hair feel heavier and that generates a thicker look, however I do see shedding when in the shower every day still.At $60 a bottle (no I won't whine like everyone else) but I want something that is my end all be all solution to my thinning hair. I still have seen a lot of thinning with the use of this product even though it makes my hair appear thicker during the day. I may come back to this product in the future to use with other products (like Vitatress) which I have seen poorer hair appearance but minimal shedding... I still believe in reading many articles and reviews that the key is to find this minimal shedding with these products and hope that eventually biotin in your diet can improve future growth.I have researched and used some of the top rated hair growth products on Amazon over the past 8 months and have not found the holy grail that can magically RE-GROW hair, but I do think that these shampoos can aid in the process by eliminating the hair you lose. As of now, I'm going to continue to try a few of the cheaper options out there because I am not completely blown away like some claim to be with Phytoworx. I'm going to take a few more $30 gambles on other products before committing to $60 each month and still seeing consistent hair loss.4Bottom Line......Awesome!!!This product is fantastic, and I don't put it that way for many things. I can notice the difference, along with my wife and friends. Not only is my hair getting thicker, it's actually growing more. The spots it was thinning in are now filled in. I can't believe how great this shampoo works. They have a customer for life.5and so far I can say that it is a good product, with a good smellI have been suffering hair loss for a while, I've tried everything, from natural products to chemicals and nothing. And then.... I start using this new product. I've only used twice, and so far I can say that it is a good product, with a good smell, this shampoo leaves hair soft, and since I use it I've noticed a decrease in hair loss. Plus is complete organic, sulfate free and it makes you feel the hair stronger than before.5There's a controversyThere's a controversy that everything is like snake oil nowadays with hair solutions. But this is nothing of the sort. Organic stem cells from plants are as humane as it gets. With actual positive results. I went from shedding like a balding lion, to looking as good as the best lions mane. I can not complain, only positive results. Also, I have very good volume and can finally do a bun on top of my head! Look at the consistency of thickness! I am so very glad that I paid for it to get here faster!5

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: PhytoWorx

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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    - Yogita Dodani

    Very good product at very good price, you have a happy :-) customer. Over all, I am completely happy with my purchase. God bless you.

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    - Megha Ghosh

    Perfect packaging, product reached on time. Thanks for bringing this product to India