Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300, Vacuum Trimmer With Adjustable Length Settings (Model # Qt4070/4

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
  • Philips Norelco Qt4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble And Mustache Trimmer Pro Is Now Called The Philips Norelco Qt4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300. The Product Has Not Changed; Only The Name And Packaging. Packaging May Vary During This Transition.
  • Integrated Vacuum System Vacuum System Captures Cut Hairs For Mess Free Trimming
  • 18 Secured Length Settings From 1/32 Inch Up To 23/32 Inch (1mm Up To 18mm)
  • 1/64 Inch (.5mm) Stubble Setting
  • Turbo Power Boost Button Boosts Cutting And Fan Speed
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Customer Reviews

Ignore old reviews - product has changedThe QT4070 is now shipping with both the stubble and "contour following" that the QT4050 comes with. I almost did not buy this due to some of the reviews that complained about the stubble comb, but I just happened to wade down to the newest reviews and notice people Amazon is now shipping it with both combs. I tried desperately to find the T980, but it is no longer available anywhere, even on Ebay, so don't waste your time looking for that, as other reviews suggested. With the turbo vacuum feature that actually does catch at least 90% of the clippings, I don't think any other beard trimmer out there can touch this.5WARNING: Excellent beard trimmer with flawed door closing hinge that breaks regularly!This is an excellent beard trimmer which works exactly as described but may have a design flaw. The door that collects the beard shavings is kept closed by a little plastic lip. After only 3 months of use twice per week, the plastic lip broke off and thus the door does not stay closed. So, I had to put a rubber band around to keep it closed as per the picture.I called Philips and the customer rep said this should not happened and immediately agreed to send a replacement free of charge. This is terrific customer service! I may have a defective unit and will update after a few more months.6/23/15 UPDATE: The above was written in mid-March 2015 and the razor performed flawlessly for another 3 months. Last week, the little plastic lip on the door (that keeps the beard shavings) broke again! Given my previous experience, I have been very gentle with this unit and especially careful every time that I opened the door. So, I have to judge the unit unacceptable now, which is too bad as it is a great beard trimmer. But, it breaks every 3 months even with very light use!2BEST trimmer available...after you call Philips!First off--like other critical reviewers you'll find here, I also had major problems with the comb. This review was almost a ONE-star rating, due to the sharp tines and general design of the comb. This _extremely_ poor comb design caused me to stab my lip several times and also resulted in uneven trimming.Like other reviewers, I previously owned a Norelco T980 and needed to move "up" when it would no longer hold a charge. With the T980 no longer available, it appeared that my options were either the QT4050 or the QT4070. Overall, the QT4050 is far inferior to the QT4070 in that it lacks the travel lock, quick charge, and turbo functions. HOWEVER...the 4050 has one feature that I believe was SUPPOSED TO BE included with the 4070--the "contour following comb". If you look closely at images of the two units side-by-side, you'll see that the comb design on the 4050 is closed--no giant gap and sharp tines with which to cut/stab yourself--and it also has a flexible guide. Those who previously used the T980 will surely recognize the design!In my frustration with the 4070's comb, I did some research. Philips Norelco CLEARLY markets the 4070 as using their "contour following comb". That's not actually true for what's "in the box", however. The comb that comes on the shaver is model number 422203617701, which is their "plastic stubble comb". As it turns out, the combs for the 4050 and the 4070 are _interchangeable_, and with a phone call to Philips, I was able to get them to provide the 4050's comb--model number 422203617711.After you get your shaver, if you're experiencing similar issues with the comb, call Philips at 800.243.3050 and ask to speak with a supervisor--first level reps can't seem to approve parts orders. Explain the situation, tell them you want the comb for the QT4050 (P/N 422203617711), and they'll send it to you, free of charge. Within a week, you'll be able to fully enjoy what Philips should have built in the first place!For the record--after I received my new CONTOUR FOLLOWING COMB, the QT4070 is a FIVE-star trimmer--it's exactly what I wanted. The one-star ding represents the hassle it took to get this product to be all it should be!4Not ready for market design wise - does not perform as advertised.So, its now two years later. The trimmer battery is dead and I can't find a replacement battery here on Amazon nor does it appear that replacement was a design consideration to start with. The door of the trimmings chamber has long since lost its latch (though it was repaired numerous times. All in all - as I an experienced user I say its official - this trimmer is a piece of crap that fails to fulfill its advertised promises of a measured length trim, maybe catching 50% of the cut beard, and apparently the trimmer is done when the battery is dead since the company provides no easy method of battery replacement.Did a lot of research before I purchased this beard trimmer. What can I say I make a living researching things. I always read the 1 star reviews first and look at the percentages of 1 star reviews. I have had the trimmer for about a month and used maybe five times. This trimmer seemed to be the best reviewed - with the least serious complaints.Battery - The first charge for three hours and until the lights went out as instructed - had a run time of about five minutes before it was dead. I charged it again until the light went out and it that charged lasted through three ten minute trimmings and still had two bars. The battery now retains a full charge as described in the literature and reviews. Not charging the first time - gave me some trepidation.Cutting - The shearing of the clipper even on regular speed is quite adequate for my beard. I haven't used the turbo to trim with because for my beard it isn't necessary. If the sound is an indication I could trim my hedge with it. The good news is the trimmer has yet to pull my beard - something other brands seems not to manage.Cutting guide/gauge - this part of beard trimmer designs seems to be universally lacking in all brands from my research. This trimmer adjusts well mechanically - but actually guiding and picking up the beard to cut it doesn't function at all - probably narrower gaps between the trim guide comb teeth. My beard lays close to my face and I had to have at least two trims before I managed to get all the longer hairs caught and cut - so don't do what the ad says and throw away your scissors - you'll need them for a perfect trims. I did my first trim at 12 mm and it was the one with the most missed hairs - and a lot of post-trim scissor work. The second I did at 10 mm and that was more accurate in both length and catching errant hairs. My last trim was at 7 mm and that was the best yet. Caught nearly all of the beard. I think this was a result of both my personal beard anatomy, my getting used to the light motion required to cut evenly and I think the trimmer guide/gauge is probably is more accurately functional for shorter settings. In my beard's case I have to go repeatedly in the opposite direction of the beard lay (and a lot of other angles) to get uniform cutting to the gauged length.Trimmer Vacuum - Well... to me this is more of an advertising gimmick than it is an engineering/design success. My beard is light colored and I trimmed it last time with a dark tee shirt on. My estimate that less 50% of my trimmings made it into the trimmings vacuum receiving chamber - the rest was very plainly all over my dark shirt. Oh, and I suggest you wear glasses - I even got beard trimming thrown up in my eyes on occasions. I think the vacuum is great idea, but it will need a better intake design and far more suction before it is really functional.Summary - I only give the trimmer a three star because its performance is a long way from being what is advertised and or perfect. That said, and based on reading hundreds of reviews on other brands of similar trimmers - this may be the best beard trimmer (at least for some beards) on the market today. I'm not sure that is good enough to please a lot of people. I will be keeping the trimmer - and my scissors.Update: Had and used the trimmer for three months now. I am exceptionally frusturated with the trimmers inability to lift the beard to make accurate cutting. No matter how many times and directions I go over my beard - there are far too many un-cut hairs. Consequently, my beard varies from 8mm - the cut setting - to 20 to 30 mm. because the horribly designed comb simply does not function. My beard trimming now consist of ten minutes of mowing the beard with the trimmer from every conceivable direction - and then another 10 minutes using my comb and scissors to cut all of the beard to the same length. Bottom-line is this product is not market ready, nor does it perform as advertised. I have down graded my original review to two stars and that is generous.1

Product Information

Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Philips Norelco

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