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Panasonic Es2113 Pc Facial Hair Trimmer For Women, With Pivoting Head And Eyebrow Trimmer Attachment

Rs. 2,898.00 Rs. 4,475.00 You save: Rs. 1,577.00 (35.24%)



Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Plastic
  • Made In Usa Or Imported
  • The Panasonic Facial Trimmer Uses A Smooth Pivoting Head To Gently Follow The Natural Contours Of The Skin To Closely Trim Unwanted Hair On The Face, Chin And Neck
  • This Personal Shaver Is Equipped With A Round Tipped, Super Thin Hypoallergenic Blade To Trims Safely On Sensitive Skin Without Irritation
  • Trim And Groom Eyebrows With Two Precision Snap On Eyebrow Shaper Comb Attachments
  • This Facial Trimmer Has Been Designed With A Sleek, Stylish Profile To Fit Comfortably In Either Hand For Total Control And Slips Easily Into Beauty Kit, Bag Or Purse For Trimming Anytime
  • Panasonic Trimmer Is Fully Powered By One Aaa Size Battery (Not Included)

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Customer Reviews

Saved me some real money.I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I think it's important that I explain why I bought this and am so happy that I did. Recently, I had seen a VERY expensive (almost $200) "exfoliation" device for sale on one of the home shopping channels. It's biggest benefit was touted as "removing all peach fuzz". When pressed on actual "exfoliation" they didn't give any kind of credible response. So I checked the reviews of that product, and I noted that there were MANY that said all it did was remove the peach fuzz. I decided to see if simply removing the fuzz with a really good quality facial hair trimmer would work. I found this on amazon, bought it, and my skin is just as "glowing" as they claimed it would be with that ridiculously priced product on TV. Saved me $180 for the same results of the insanely priced "flash" product.5The Best I've Ever Used!This is my second purchase of this razor, so that I can have one in my purse as well as at home. It is the best facial hair razor I have ever used. It is just the right size to maneuver carefully around the lips and to roll smoothly along the chin line. The razor cuts the first time over the skin, so there's no raw, roughed-up skin, and I have never ever had a nick. Perfect for those new hairs that appear on a senior woman's chin and facial area. I use the razor about once every 1 or 2 weeks. I haven't had to replace either the blade or the battery yet in the two years I've had the first razor.5This thing is great! Not that any of us need it...Bzz bzz. Ladies, I know that we collectively pretend that women don't have facial hair. I get it, neither do I. *winkwink*However, the different sized heads for this trimmer make it easy to destroy any "manly" evidence of unwanted eyebrow hair, upper lip fuzz (your mustache), random chin hairs, uneven sideburn hair growth, nose hairs, and whatever other kinds of facial hair none of us have regardless of our age, race, hormonal differences, or whatever happen to have.This thing plus one pair of tweezers will keep you looking as girly as any barbaric society would expect."I'm not hating I'm just telling you." Thanks Iggy Azalea. I know you weren't referring to hair removal.5Very pleased, recommendThis trimmer works very well. I recommend it.What I liked:1. It cuts well, both the "fuzz" and thicker hairs.2. It is very discrete. It looks like a pen. I am attaching a couple of photos of the trimmer next to a pen, so you can see for yourself.3. It is easy to control. By that I mean that that the profile of the tip is small, and you can treat very small areas, such as between your eyebrows.4. I am using a single rechargeable AAA battery in it. I've been using it for a few weeks before writing this review, and the battery is still going strong.5. The battery is very easy to replace, the battery door slides nicely.6. The package includes an extra heads (which allow to trim eyebrows, i.e. they leave hair with a certain length)7. The package includes a small brush for cleaning the head (you are supposed to clean it dry, not wet)8. The product feels solid, well designed, and well made.What I did not like (very minor, stating for completeness of the review)1. The description mentioned a pouch, but it was not included in the packageI found a cute little bag from jewelry beads which fit the extra heads and the brush to keep them all together.Ordering refill blades:The fine hair blade (the long one that is installed when the trimmer arrives) has a part number WES2113P3708.The cost of the replacement blade is $6.64 plus shipping if you buy it directly from Panasonic web site.You can find them by searching on the part number. I noticed that other vendors sell the refill for the cost that is almost equal a whole new trimmer on Amazon, so in that case a new trimmer would be a better bet.A note on price. I noticed that the price on the on this product fluctuates. There is a nice online tool that I use to help catch a good price on Amazon, this tool is called "Online Price Alert". This tool will send you an email when the Amazon item price reaches the target price range that you specify. If you search on "online price alert" in Google it will be come up at the top. I find this tool to be very helpful.Update 5/26/2012It is now a year later and I am still very pleased with the trimmer.I decided it was time to change the blade, and it turned out to be a little tricky, so I am adding a photo under customer photos that should help.In the photo I show how the trimmer comes apart, and how the blade fits.To change the blade you need to pull down on the tab on the base part of the trimmer's head (visible and marked on the photo). Then if you push on the head you can open the head. When it opens up the blade is attached to the half of the head that can be removed. To replace the blade you replace the entire half of the trimmer's head. The white stem visible in the photo need to line up with a hole on the blade, this is what holds the blade in the right position. Once two parts are lined up together you need to slide the tab back up.It actually works very well, and it is nice that you don't need to touch the "naked" blade directly.5I'm disappointed in you, Panasonic :(I've had an old Panasonic face hair trimmer for over 10 years, that I will still love. I bought this new one for my travel bag, and honestly, it's a piece of junk compared to my old one. It's very light (doesn't feel well made), and the plastic head drags on your skin, stopping you from being able to get a close shave with it.2

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Panasonic

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