Botanical Skin Works Premium Unscented Beard Oil With Argan Oils, 4 Oz.

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Our All Natural Premium Unscented Formula Keeps Your Beard Healthy, Soft, Moisturized, And Manageable
  • Argon Oil Absorbs Quickly Leaving Your Face, Hands, Hair, And Nails Velvet Soft, Smooth, And Silky
  • Emu Oil Is Naturally Rich In Unsaturated Fatty Acids And Provides Unsurpassed Moisturizing Benefits To The Skin And Hair
  • Organic Jojoba Oil Absorbs Quickly, Softens Hair, Smooths And Strengthens The Hair Follicles Great For Softer, Supple, Silky Smooth Skin
  • 4 Oz. Of Premium Beard Oil With More Than Twice The Volume Of Other Brands
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Customer Reviews

Great stuff for same as more expensive balmsI have honest amish beard balm which is a great product.I bought this as well and let me say I am very pleased. it does the same exact thing that other balms do. whats the difference? its already an oil while others are a paste that you rub in your palm until it turns into an oil prior to application.both do the same thing. it softens the beard. gives it a shine. and helps manage it better (not like a wax would sculpt it but it tames it a bit).it has a light lime smell that I love and goes away quickly. so even if you don't like lime don't worry it doesn't linger for long.I will continue to buy this over other products. why? bc with this you get twice the product for less cost. likely bc its on oil form vs a paste. who cares since you have to melt the balms anyway? any residue can be rubbed on your face, scalp, elbows, etc.great product!5This is a great product and underated in my opinionThis is a great product and underated in my opinion. I wear my beard from 2-5 inches depending on the time of year and a single bottle lasts me upwards of 5 months. My beard is curly and without it I would not be able to wear one comfortably because I would not be able to comb it. My skin feels great and my beard and face do not get itchy, tangled, or dandruffy when I use this oil. For the price you will find nothing better; trust me I have used many other products. I have been using this product for a little over two years and I just bought my 3rd bottle. Some oils are $20+ for 1 ounce... this is a 4 ounce bottle. If your looking for a great product at a great price give it a try. Don't beat yourself up with an uncomfortable, itchy beard. Spend $10 and rock one in style.5Unscented version is great!I don't like scented beard oils as the scent is usually too strong and lingers too long.This unscented product works really well for me. It smells slightly like sesame (sesame oil is a main ingredient), but that odor goes away in a minute. If you like fragrance but not too strong, just add a little of your favorite essential oil fragrance to this base. That way you control the intensity of the fragrance.It's easy to use. Just squirt twice into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to distribute it evenly, and distribute it throughout your moist beard, working it in with your fingertips and the palm/heal of your hand. Then brush and comb into place.This product is also quite a bit cheaper per volume than "designer" beard oils (many of which I have tried), and most of those more expensive oils start with a base of sesame, jojoba, and Vitamin E oils anyhow.5Good oil, but unpleasant scent!Firstly, this is a good oil. It does help soften the hairs and you get a lot of oil for the price!Now, I thought the old scent was MUCH better and it deserved 5 stars. The newer scent is more like burnt hair than a lime smell to me. I have been using this oil for over two years and unfortunately, the scent is just so unpleasant now that I'll be switching to another oil.I do wish this came with a dropper as well. As they seem much easier for big, bushy beards.Definitely a good oil, and if they change the scent back or to ANYTHING with a tolerable smell, I'd definitely be purchasing again.Picture: Old bottle on left had the 5 star, newer one on right gets 3!3Excellent product at a great price!I have now been using this beard oil for a little over a week, and I must say it works great!I've grown a beard every winter for a couple decades now and usually shave most of it off come spring. Most often I leave the mustache and a goatee/van dyke. However, this year I plan to try leaving it to see how long I can grow it. Generally my beard hair feels dry and "straw like", and my mustache gets all too many split ends. Over the years I've tried numerous standard hair conditioners with little positive result. This year I decided to try an actual beard product.This is my first beard-specific product I've ever bought. At first I considered making my own beard oil based on recipes from the internet. However, a friend pointed out -- quite logically -- that it would probably be wiser to try a pre-made beard product first, to see what to expect and learn what works.He was right.The things I was looking for in a beard product were, in no particular order: Smoothing and softening of my beard, a fuller and healthier looking beard, less itching, reduction and healing of split ends, more manageable and "tamed" beard and mustache, and enhanced growth characteristics.I can say without reservation that this product has achieved 90% of these!!Within the first two days of use, my beard immediately became more manageable, and looked and felt heathier and fuller. Now, after a week of use, I definitely am seeing fewer-to-no split ends, almost no itching, far fewer under-beard zits, and FAR more manageable beard and mustache.The only lacking area so far is the beard smoothing and softening. While this product certainly has helped to a degree in that regard, my beard is still not as soft as I was hoping. However, perhaps I am simply expecting too much here. Having no basis for comparison, my beard's texture simply may be what it is.Still, this product has indeed helped to soften and smooth my beard noticeably, so I can't say it doesn't work in that regard.Regarding enhanced growth, I certainly have not been using this beard oil long enough to make any comment as to its effectiveness there.Some people have commented that they don't like the smell of this oil (motor oil and onions one person said, another saying "Christmassy" smell) or that it is too strong.I can definitely say that I don't experience this AT ALL. I find the smell to be pleasing and light, and that it fades within an hour. I don't know WHERE people are coming up with the smells they've described either. It clearly smell just like what it says: Bay Lime, with a hint of sandalwood. I was actually surprised at how little sesame oil smell there is.To me, this oil actually smells a bit like something I might use as an oil painting medium; which is, to me, a good thing. I'm finding that the faint lingering scent reminds me of oil painting as may well influence me to paint more.Overall I would DEFINITELY recommend this product!!A couple things tho:a) For my beard it certainly taking more than the recommended 2 or 3 drops. I find I need around 5 squirts two or three times a day. However, given that this bottle contains 3 ounces of the oil for only 20 bucks (shipped), it will still last QUITE a long time for me. I'm guessing over half-a-year.b) Upon advice from other beard-havers, and something which is not mentioned in the usage instructions, I've been applying the oil to my beard when it's damp. This is to say right after a shower, or even after simply rinsing my beard good in the sink. I am finding that this oil works WAY more effectively using it this way. This, in my opinion, should be part of the instructions for the oil; .... DEFINITELY apply this product to a damp beard. It still works on a dry beard, but it works better on a damp beard.4

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Botanical Skin Works
Package Qauntity: 1

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