Molivera Organics Castor Oil 16 Oz. Premium Cold Pressed 100% Pure Castor Oil, Best Moisturizer For

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Highest Premium Grade Available. Our 100% Pure Castor Oil Is Grade A. Made In Small Batches To Guarantee 100% Freshness.
  • Unlike Other Castor Oils On The Market, Molivera Organics Castor Oil Is, Cold Pressed, Fragrance Free, Hexane Free, Preservative Free, Chemical Free, And 100% Vegan.
  • Incredible Results Extremely High In Anti Oxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, And Vitamins (Especially Vitamin E Known For Its Beautifying Properties). Increases Blood Flow To Scalp To Encourage Thick Hair Growth And Re Growth.
  • Anti Aging For Soft, Supple, Elastic Skin. Diminishes Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles. Deeply Moisturizing For Glowing, Youthful Skin. Restructuring And Revitalizing For Luscious, Soft, Touchable, Lustrous, And Visibly Healthy And Happy Hair.
  • Highly Trusted Brand. Guaranteed To Be 100% Amazed With Results Or Money Back.
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Customer Reviews

Wonderful old time remedy that I will be able to use all the time!I always wondered why castor oil was used in the "olden days" and is not a commonly used these days. The very day I received this in the mail, my husband cut his hand pretty bad working on our sewer (about 5 mm deep). Yes, his hands were dirty with the black gunk in the drain, I was actually quite worried about infection. He also suffered a few superficial cuts on his hands earlier in the day as well. I soaked some gauze in castor oil and applied it to his hand and covered it with a large band-aid. The next morning, his cut was not red at all and was about half as deep as it was the previous evening. He did not apply any castor oil to the other cuts on his hand. The small cuts were red and not healed at all. This is an absolutely amazing remedy for cuts.My daughter was complaining of being constipated for three days (normal bowel movement for her is once a day). She took approximately one teaspoon of castor oil with some orange juice and the next morning had a bowel movement, which she attributes to the castor oil. She did not have diarrhea but stated that the bowel movement was easy and not hard at all. She also did not complain that the flavor was bad at all. If you are considering buying this, I would not hesitate at all. I highly recommend having this in your medicine cabinet!!!I found this link helpful for ways that castor oil can be used: [...]***UPDATE***I had to come back and give more results with castor oil!!!! A family member had a large very irritated hemorrhoid. They tried a name brand over the counter hemorrhoid cream for a couple days which only helped a little for the pain. I suggested to try some castor oil. They applied the castor oil one night and the next morning, the hemorrhoid was significantly smaller with no pain whatsoever (except after wiping).My father uses the castor oil on his hair and he says that his hair is growing faster and is much healthier. He also used it for his athlete's foot and cracked heels. His feet are smooth with no evidence of athlete's foot or toe fungus!My dog has had a vaginal infection for quite some time, for which the vet prescribed some expensive wipes to clean her every day. Every day I would clean her and she would wince from having to wipe the area and to get all the gunk off of her vaginal opening. It would get all brown and crusty and I would have to work at getting it all cleaned off. After doing this for a couple weeks, her labia/vulva area was extremely irritated and eventually developed red sores which were painful for her. I finally decided to put castor oil (1-2 drops) around the vulva/vaginal opening. The next day I figured I would have to do another "deep cleaning" of the crusty brown discharge. Low and behold.......the sores were gone, the swelling had decreased, and there was NO discharge.I took my other dog for a run where she somehow broke her nail, which then started bleeding. Very painful for the dog. We went to bed and she kept "kicking" her foot because it hurt when it touched the bed. I got up, grabbed the castor oil, and applied one drop to the tip of her nail that was broken. She immediately started wagging her tail and I knew the pain was then gone. We both went back to bed and she was no longer "kicking" her foot and promptly went to sleep. I continued to apply one drop to her nail for two more days and she was running around with no problems after that. (I do realize that dogs' wounds tend to heal quickly, however, I believe the castor oil significantly helped with the pain associated with the broken nail.) I also do not put a lot of castor oil on the dogs because they do lick the area and I did not want them to have too much potentially causing loose bowel movements as castor oil does help with constipation.CASTOR OIL SHOULD BE A PART OF EVERYONE'S FIRST AID KIT!!!!!! I have given multiple friends samples of castor oil and each and every one of them came back surprised at how well it worked. One friend had slipped in the shower while shaving her legs and cut part of a fingernail and tip of her finger. She said that she put the castor oil on it, which immediately stopped the stinging and she came to work excitedly to let me know how well it worked. Another coworker had a chemical burn, which the castor oil helped to heal in 2-3 days. This stuff is absolutely amazing. So many uses, extremely good results. Highly recommended. I will continue to update this review as I use it for different applications.5without certificate from USDA - word Organic can't be placed on the bottle, or description!Dear Amazon,This review not only for this particular item but for much bigger Oily Scam on Amazon in general.1. Many sellers using word Organic as a company name, confusing 1000's of customers. Those products without USDA approval have NO rights tosell this oils as "ORGANIC" without certificate from USDA - word Organic can't be placed on the bottle, or description!2. Inside the bottles, 90% of all oils are diluted. In my particular case, oil was diluted with Almond oil to make thinner consistency for "Easy Application (Pure Castor Oil is known as a Honey-like viscosity.3. The majority of all Oil Sellers hiding/not clear about an Expiration Date. (This bottle has no dates whatsoever.)4. Oil sellers not allowed to sell oil using PBA plastic (genetic mutagen). There is no stamp or statement :PBA FREE: on the plastic bottle or sellers sites.Half of the sellers nowadays using computer hackers to multiply their "perfect ratings".Dear Amazon , please fix this BIG issues or you will pay BIG for your BIG Ignorance !1The oil got here before the expected date which was awesome.My lashes have grown and gotten thicker since I started using this product. The oil got here before the expected date which was awesome.The first picture was day one 11/14 the second one was 11/215GrowthShipping was excellent. I've mixed this with Jamaican black castor oil to use on my edges I haven't been using it for a full week and I see ALOT of NEW GROWTH. Thank you5This product is NOT organicThis product is NOT organic. The name of the company has organic in it but the product itself is not. In fact, using it made my eyes even more irritated. I am going to try something else1

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Molivera Organics

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