L Oreal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Oil Shampoo, Daily Care For Dry, Lifeless Hair, Lightweight,

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
  • For Dry, Lifeless Hair
  • Transforms Dry Hair To Soft And Lustrous In 1 Wash
  • With Oil Complex
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Customer Reviews

Crowdtap Sponsored Review This post was sponsored by L Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. This is my unbiased honest opinion. I was skeptical when I first poured the shampoo into my hand. I had to do a double-take to make sure I picked up the right bottle. I then stood there staring at it wondering if this was really going to work. It felt like oil, it looked like oil and my mind went back and forth. I then just went for it. I was surprised at the luxurious lather since my hair is long it usually takes a good amount of shampoo but this appeared to cover all my hair without a problem. I worked it into my scalp and to the ends of my hair that seriously needed some attention. The rinsing process was not hard it rinsed out without a problem or residue. This clearly seemed impossible but it was a nice wash, clean fragrance that was not overpowering. My hair felt clean and not oily. Don't let the first feel fool you it really does nourish your hair.This full-size free bottle will last quite a while and the price is well worth it. I know there is a vast amount of new products out this summer, but this is one of two that I found to have made a difference. If your hair is drying from the pool, or sun exposure I would highly suggest giving this a try you will be amazed at the results.5Moist, soft, shiny hairI'll have to use this shampoo a few more times to see if it makes a big difference in my dry, curly, fine hair, but after the first use I'm impressed. It lathered well, and had a pleasant vanilla fragrance when I used it today, and left my hair feeling silky and slick when I rinsed it. It felt like it does when I use Aussie 3-Minute Miracle conditioner - tangle free and smooth.I let my hair air dry and I ended up with soft ringlets that didn't seem too weighed down. Some moisturizing shampoos leave my hair flat and greasy looking but my hair looks great.I'm hoping after using it another time or two it doesn't leave too much buildup on my hair. I'll update this review when I have done so.Edited 5 January 2016: I've used this shampoo 6-7 times now, and it still leaves my hair looking great. No buildup of oil, just soft, moistened hair.4Inlove after one use !I received these products for testing purposes from influenster. I just want to start by saying I have thick long hair and I love my hair even thou at times as soon as I walk outside to the hot weather my hair gets puffy ugh ... and frizzy. Well as soon as I received this Shampoo and Conditioner plus the Oil Serum I got very excited to see the results all I have to say is OMG I'm inlove ! I have a new Shampoo & Conditioner I love ! After one use yes might sound crazy to see a difference that fast but I'm not lieing . The shampoo suds up real good plus both shampoo and conditioner smells great and it took away my frizzy hair. Yay! After styling my hair I added the oil serum oooh! What a great touch to have to my hair. Very grateful and Happy. I feel like one of those ladies with Beautiful hair in the commercials when I go outside now. Without having the need of the salon !5Full, shiny, and soft!I have very fine, slightly wavy hair that tends to look flat on top, and frizzy on the ends. LOL I bought this stamp, along with the conditioner, based on the great reviews here on Amazon. I am impressed! My hair has never felt so soft! And it's shiny, healthier looking, and bouncy... Without being frizzy. Some people complained about the fragrance, but I honestly found it pleasant and not at all overpowering.Be aware that when you rinse, your hair feels very "slippery" under water.. But they found my hair to be virtually table free after washing and I swear it even seems easier to combine through on day two! Love this new product!5I love it! SoI love it! So, when I first got it, I was a little iffy, I won't lie. I have very thick, curly/coily, coarse hair. I find sometimes that products like these don't suit my hair in the right way. This shampoo/conditioner, however, is awesome. It smells sooooooo good. The minute I opened it, I could smell the shea and coconut which are my fave scents to put in my hair. It lathers so amazingly well and that is an even bigger bonus because, again, my hair is extremely thick, so other products tend to just soak in too fast. L'Oreal's products don't do that. They lather and cleanse leaving your hair smelling amazing. No greasy residue, not hard to wash out. I also love the Oil. Though it's oil, it's not greasy. It gives your hair a nice sheen without making it shiny, if that makes sense. Lol The product didn't make my hair soft or anything but honestly as coarse as my hair is, no shampoo/conditioner ever does. I usually have to add in leave-in conditioners/coconut oil for that. I believe, however, with continuous use, I may see a change in that area. I am so glad I received these products from L'Oreal Paris as a gift. I mean, I'm already in love with their makeup, now I am sooooooo in love with the entire brand! Thank you, L'Oreal for consistently releasing such great quality products at great low prices. Though this was a gift, I can definitely see my purchasing the products when these run out. Thank you!!!!! :)4

Product Information

Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: LOreal Paris

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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