Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz, Plastic Pet Safe Bottle

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Hand Processed From Pure Wild Crafted And Organic Jamaican Castor Seeds.
  • Stimulates Hair Growth And Helps Repair Dry Damaged Hair And Breakages
  • Cleanse Scalp Of Parasites And Toxins That Damages Hair And Slows Growth
  • Protects Hair With A Protective Coat That Seals In Moisture
  • Use As A Hot Oil Treatment
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Customer Reviews

A miracle in a bottleI was told that I had alopecia and my hair will never grow back look at God the Devil is a Lie this all is truly amazing love it everything about it and this is 4 weeks apart5QUICKLY EffectiveI recently wore some box braids that pulled my edges out. It wasn't my hairstylist fault. I ended up leaving the braids in for too long so there was buildup and when I took the braid out, my hair was pretty knotted. The knots were so bad that when I tried combing it out, the comb took off chunks of hair around my edges. Of course, I shed a few tears but tears don't make your hair grow back so I went to the handy dandy internet for help and found some pretty great reviews of this oil.I feel like I shouldn't be writing a review just yet but I'm honestly already really happy with the results I'm getting! The pictures in the left column are from July 19, 2015 and the pictures on the right were taken on July 24, 2015. It hasn't even been a week and I can already see a difference! No, its not drastic but its definitely something. Both, my mom and grandmother, noticed the difference before I showed them any before and after pictures. I've been using JBCO along with emu oil twice a day (when I wake up and right before bed). Its true that JBCO doesn't have the most pleasant smell but its definitely worth it. Plus, after a few minutes, the smell goes away. Also, its not like everyone can smell it when you walk into the room-- they would literally have to sniff your scalp. The consistency is thick so you don't need much. On top of that, It makes my curls pop and it adds shine.Along with using this on my edges, I've been using it on my lashes and they're longer, fuller and shinier too! I'm so happy I decided to give this oil a try. You should try it too. And hey, if it doesn't work for you, you've only wasted a few bucks. But don't just throw it out, give it to a friend. You might change their life!!5Great for thinning hairThe difference between Jamaican black castor oil and regular castor oil is the method in which it is processed. Both are great for skin and hair health. Pure natural castor oil is a pale yellow/light golden color and is cold pressed. There is no heat involved in cold pressing, the castor beans are just squeezed at high pressure to extract oil from the seeds. The advantage of cold pressing is that you do not harm any of the beneficial nutrients.Be aware that some companies will also use a solvent chemical such as hexane to separate the oil making production quicker and cheaper. So if you go that route, research and make sure that the castor oil you choose is reputable 100% pure and 100% cold pressed without use of chemicals.Jamaican black castor oil gets its distinct smokey roasted smell and darker color by the process in which it is made. Traditionally it is made by1) allowing the seeds to dry out in the sun2) roasting them3) grinding them into a paste4) adding the paste to boiling water5 skimming the oil that rises to the topIt can vary in color from a lighter brown hue to a very dark brown. Sometimes you may see particles settle at the bottom of the bottle, which is just ash from roasting the castor beans.This is a very thick heavy oil. PersonallyI prefer to dilute it.The first way I use it is by combining equal parts extra virgin olive oil with Jamaican black castor oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil.Great to help promote hair growth and grow back thinning hair. I apply this to my scalp every night or at least every other night before bed, especially focusing on my thinning edges.Second I make a whipped hair butter by1) using the double boiler method I melt equal parts (1/3 cup each) Shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil2) when it has cooled a bit I add in my JBCO, EVOO, and rosemary mixture(1/3 cup)(you can add other essential oils if you choose as well)3) put bowl in the fridge or freezer just until it starts to solidify but not completely solid4) whip up into your desired consistencyThis is a great butter for your hair but can also double as a body butter.Lastly I put straight Jamaican black castor oil with a drop of lavender and rosemary essential oil into an empty mascara type container and I apply that to my eyebrows every night before bed.The jamaican black castor oil is also great to use as a pre poo treatment or even hot oil treatment.The key to seeing results for hair growth, growing back thinning hair and thickening hair is consistency! You have to keep up with it, making it a routine. You cant just give up after a few days or a week and expect results.I have seen results in growing back my thinning edges as well as making my hair thicker, even my eyebrows which were prior quite sparse. It also has made my hair very soft and shiny.5BihhhhhhhhIt really works bihhhhh best thing I used to grow hair and especially my very thin eyebrows been using it for three months .very satisfied5WORKS!This oil has so many uses - but I use this on my scalp. This is wonderful for hair growth and strengthening plus it's a great moisturizer! Just rub this on the scalp a couple of times a day and you will be AMAZED! This oil is thick and not runny, if you don t like the smell or thickness you can mix with other carrier oils.I had a severe hair loss issue and using this oil helped me grow my hair back in a couple of months! Consistency is the KEY! I LOVE it and would highly recommend it to anyone. If you find yourself getting bumps on your scalp, undiluted may be too strong for you. Simply mix other olive, jojoba or another oil to ease the sensitivity.I have used NUMEROUS brands of Regular Castor and Black Castor Oil - just look for 100% or pure and you can't go wrong with either type or brand. I have indeed posted reviews on different brands because I have used these brands. I use castor oil on my hair and my daughters hair and I mix my own hair products so I buy several brands as long as they are 100% / pure castor. I hope this review helps!!5

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Tropic Isle

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