Henna Maiden Strawberry Blonde Hair Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
  • Naturally Adds Color, Shine, Body And Manageability, "Natures Way To Cover Gray"
  • Safe, Natural, Cruelty Free And Made With Organic Ingredients.
  • Color Lasts 4 8 Weeks Before Beginning To Fade Naturally. You May Re Apply As Often As Needed, When New Root Growth Is Visible, Or As It Begins To Fade.
  • Easy To Use, Just Add Water, Mix & Apply. (Product Cannot Lighten Dark Hair)
  • Free Application Kit Includes Gloves, Cap And Instructions.
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Customer Reviews

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Read About My First Experience: Prep, Instructions & PHOTOSThis was my first time using Henna Maiden, and I would like to preface this review by saying I am absolutely delighted with this product! It's wonderful. First I'll give a brief background, and then I'll outline what needs to be done to have a successful go at using this product. I've also uploaded pictures.I'm a natural redhead, but now that I'm older I have a fair bit of grey, and need some help. Trying to maintain my natural red color that I grew up with has been expensive, as my hair is long, and my hair was paying for it as well because it grows quickly and the processing dried it out horribly. After a year my hair had the look and texture of hay, which was horrible and beyond remedy. After googling 'red hair' I stumbled upon this product. Now, why I had not heard of this before, I'll never know because I swear it's God's gift to redheads! It's affordable, beautiful, nourishing, it does not fade as other products (from what I've heard), and you can do it right at home - and it's ORGANIC! How can you beat that, right? So I did some research and gave it a go. Here is some pointers for you if you're a first timer like me. After doing this once, I realized very quickly exactly what needed to be done for a "better" or "easier" experience. So here goes...#1. AMOUNT: I have long hair down to my waist, but it's not as thick as it used to be. After reading reviews from others with long hair I decided to mix three packages of Henna Maiden Natural Radiant Red. I followed the directions explicitly. I will tell you that I had far more than needed and actually ended up wasting one third of it. So next time, I'll know better. For those of you with thicker hair, I would suggest the three packages.#2. MIXING: I did not add egg or oil. But I did use tea, which I have heard helps "set" the color or intensify it. I chose Earl Grey because it has a beautiful bergamot scent and a lovely color as well. Henna is an herb which smells very "green". It was not offensive to me at all! I actually found it quite therapeutic. But for those of you who want to cover that, then I suggest using the Earl Grey tea or essential oils. For the three packages I used FOUR CUPS of hot tea. This created a thick paste which resembled something you'd see in your infant's diaper. :)#3. PREP: Here's the key - you need to prep. I purchased the following before I applied the product:- a large inexpensive towel for wrapping my hair afterward - because the color does bleed immediately after.- petroleum jelly to line my hairline and cover my ears- a thick pair of rubber dish gloves (playtex). I do not suggest using the ones in the package as they split easily and are not form fitting.- celophane wrap or cling wrap to wrap your head. Again, I do not suggest using the shower cap in the package as it is quite thin and unstable.- an old t-shirt or two- small hair clips- large combNow that you have your items assembled, remove everything in your bathroom that would possibly be exposed to any potential dripping. Henna will stain on contact. I removed my bathroom rugs and towels, and items from my vanity as well.I began by separating my hair into segments. I know now that is an extremely imporant part of preparation. Because once your gloves are slathered in henna, separating and combing your hair for the next application will be virtually impossible. Therefore, as part of your prep, take the time to separate your hair into small segments all over your head with a small clip. I had washed my hair prior to application, and my hair was damp when I applied the product, which made it much more manageable.Take the petroleum jelly and go around your hairline with a good amount, including lathering your ears.#4. APPLICATION: Now that you have your hair prepped, begin applying the paste at the root working it in like you would a shampoo, and then draw it out gradually through the strands. The strands must be completely covered! Wrap that segment of hair to your head into a 'bun'. Apply a topcoat of paste to that bun. I suggest working at the front first so that hair is removed and you can clearly see what you're doing. Continue this process over the entire area of your head, wrapping the hair around that central 'bun'. When you're finished you should have all your hair secured to the top of your head. Then coat the entire head in henna paste. Once you've coated your head, begin wrapping your head in celophane. Leave no gaps.#5. PROCESSING: I allowed 2.5 hours for my hair. I found that to be more than enough time for the color I wanted. I washed my gloves carefully, donned them again, and began to unwrap my head. I made to sure to have a small trash bag at my side so I could safely discard the used celophane - because it can be a mess. Once my head was unwrapped I rinsed out the product with warm water by kneeling over the rim of my bathtub and dipping my head beneath the spigot. This worked perfectly, keeping all the runoff away from my face and other parts of my body. I allowed a good rinse for about 20 minutes. You'll find that there is a lot of bleeding and it took a long while before the water ran clear. Once it did, I washed my hair of any possible residue and applied a light conditioner. I used the special towel to wrap my hair and as expected, there was a significant amount of 'bleed'. Then I dried my hair.#6. RESULTS: The immediate results were shocking at first, I must say. For a bold personality such as mine, they had the ability to make me shy. :) The color was a bright orange (I used Radiant Natural Red). The color was extraordinarily intense and bright. Yet I held to hope that it would continue to do it's magic and IT DID. The next day I shampooed my hair again and I did not see a lot of color change until the SECOND FULL DAY. I will tell you that henna behaves much differently than conventional chemical dyes. The color turned a beautiful auburn that was absolutely stunning. I will tell you that I've received compliment after compliment from jealous women who were dying to know if that was my natural color. When I told them my secret they were stunned. (See photos) So if you use this product, please know that initially, the color can be extraordinarily bright and look a bit garish and gaudy. But by the second day it was absolutely GORGEOUS - precisely what I wanted. For those of you who are able - do it on a weekend. Process on Friday night and by Monday morning at the office, you'll be a knockout!#7. TEXTURE | MANAGABILITY: As for the texture of my hair, I am AMAZED. I've found that henna actually "healed" my hair. It no longer feels or looks like hay at all. It feels silky soft and it SHINES. Henna does make your hair feel thicker, because it does something to the shaft that is very therapeutic. So if you have fine hair (I have moderate - it is neither coarse or fine) you'll probably be thrilled with this benefit as well. My hair responded very well to a curling iron, and I am tickled pink at the results. Every one of my friends who have seen me since the process give an eye-popping "Wow!!!" with a huge smile. They've said, "I LOVE your hair!!!" And they're amazed when I tell them what I've done.I hope this post if helpful to all of you who intend to use this product. As for me, dipping my head into chemicals every 6-8 weeks for a price tag of $100 + for the rest of my life was no longer an option for me for numerous reasons (cost, chemical exposure, etc.). This procuct is a God-send and I will NEVER go back. I will have you know that I'm well stocked. :) I hope you try it and find the results to be just as GLORIOUS as I did!DON'T FORGET TO VIEW MY PHOTOS! Cheers!5First time using HennaLove love loved Henna! This is my first time to try Henna, I have a medium brown hair color. And to be honest I was extremely scared at first to try Henna, cause I'm a hair freak and i love my hair! I had a real bad experience with trying to fix my chemically ruined hair. My hair was messed up at a salon. So I've been using drug store chemical dyes (natural and ammonium free) for the past 6 months to cover up and darken the platinum blonde the stylist gave me, figured red would stick best. But it made my hair split and it was so dry! The store dyes would fade so fast and become orange after a while, and after the second time i even started to lose hair! And yes i cried. That's just me... :/With Henna my hair is so soft and has a beautiful color, I mixed the wine red (100mg) with the auburn(100 mg) since i have medium to long length hair below my bosom.1. I Love the color! I read an article stating to use 100mg for short or above shoulder length hair, 200-300mg for medium length hair, and 300-500mg for waist length or longer. When doing the process it's better to have a pancake batter thickness more watery than having it thick. Makes it far easier to put on your hair and far easier to massage into your head. I added 2tablespoons of olive oil for each 100mg i was using and 2tablespoons of lemon juice, i also used red zinger and tazo passion tea instead of just plain water cause it helped with the henna smell people complain about. I just used 4 coffee mugs two for each type of tea, and make sure the tea is hot, not scalding but if it's cold you won't see the Henna change color. :(2.Definetly use a towel if you're going to try henna i just used a hand towel and tied it around my neck with a hair tie. You'll want to start cleaning off your skin immediately too, once your hair is finished and up in a hair cap. I used olive oil and salt as a natural exfoliant, and conditioner any kind you have should do (I use Organixs hair coconut conditioner). I left the hair conditioner and olive oil mixture on for about 5minutes, wash, and then repeat if needed. As a last resort use hydrogen peroxide, leave it there for a minute or two, and then wipe it off with a wet cloth.3. I only left my henna on for about an hour cause i wanted a lighter red color. (Remember Henna darkens after 24hours!)After an hour i did wash my hair out with A LOT of conditioner cause henna has a sort of sandy and milky texture to it. Which is hard to get out with just water (Just kinda like when you go to the beach!) I did use a brush in the shower to help get that sand out too just cause my hair is so long! Afterwards I blow dried my hair (using cold air) and put a small amount of coconut oil in it to deter the smell.I loved using this brand of henna and i will definetly be buying from them again! I went to go see my boyfriend later and he just kept commenting on how amazing i looked all day. :)) Felt great to have my old hair back! Soft and strong! The henna smell will go away usually in a day or two, it is important to not wash your hair for the next 24-48 hours though. That's why i put the coconut oil in my hair, kinda soaked up the henna smell. Glad my boyfriend didn't notice any smell! ;)Hope my review can help someone, and hope you have a great experience with Henna! I can't believe how great it worked for my hair. :)p.s. I also left the same review for the wine red color. This product is simply amazing i feel like i've experienced a hair miracle. I did use half of the red wine to concentrate some red highlights where the stylist screwed up my hair. Can't wait to post pictures! :D5Henna Maiden Radiant Natural RedThis was my first time ever using henna, and I'm very satisfied with the results. The color is very similar to the image on this page for the radiant red. I will definitely use this again. :)I only left it on for 3 hours, but I'll probably leave it on for longer next time. The color definitely darkens/gets more red within 3 days.5

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Henna King

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