Feather Double Edge Blades, 30 Count

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  • Hi Stainless Platinum Coated Blades
  • Highest Quality Japanese Blades Made To Fit Different Double Edge Safety Razors
  • Extremely Sharp, Smooth And Comfortable
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Customer Reviews

Best blade for my face for the moneyI think this review is most important for new users of Safety Razors.Every blade company's blades are going to treat your face a little different. These blades are excellently priced and will be the blades I continue to purchase. They just seem to treat my face right and cut smoother than other brands. The sound they make as they cut the hairs on my face give excellent feedback while I shave and these blades are probably easily good for four to five shaves. I currently toss mine at three shaves. Three incidents of shaving. Each incident of shaving has two to three passes with the blades, so take that into account.5Dulls very quickly on coarse beardSo, I hate reviews of shaving blades that don't tell me what kind of beard they are being used on. First off, I am Indian and, thus, my beard is very coarse and rough. I'm pretty tough on blades, even though I always shave either in the shower or just out of it. I won't go to the barber shops for a shave anymore because their blades just can't handle my beard (I can dull 4-5 blades per shave at the barbershop).To continue, I've always been afraid of these blades, since I've always heard about how sharp they were and how they would cut off your nose if you weren't careful. Don't believe the hype. Yes, they are sharp, but if you have any technique at all, you won't have to worry about slicing off your face on the first pass (hint: don't try them on your first attempt using double edge blades). When I finally got around to using them, I was absolutely blown away by how great a shave they gave me the first time I used them. It was almost like the second pass was just going through the motions, and I certainly had no need of the third pass. They are great!!! Everything everyone has said about them is true!So, why only a 3 star rating? Well, it was any shave past the 1st one. They dull remarkably quickly on my beard and the 2nd shave (and any subsequent shave) was with a very dull blade. I couldn't believe the difference between the first and second shaves - it was like night and day. Keep in mind that I wash my razor with alcohol after every shave too, to minimize the micro-rust particles. On the second shave, these blades didn't hold a candle to the German-made Wilkinson Swords that I usually use.These blades are great and super sharp, but dull very quickly under extreme conditions. If your beard is anything as coarse as mine, I'd recommend something else, unless you don't mind tossing out a blade after every shave. In that case, go for it and get the best shaves of your life!3Sharpest isn't always bestTL;DR I wish I could give 3.5 stars. These are the sharpest blades around, yet they don't provide the best shave in my experience. Wilkinson Sword Classic is in the same class but provides a far better shave for less money. Astra SP Platinum is a good medium-sharp blade for cheap. That said, with good technique you can avoid nicks using Feather blades.Here is my review of the blades I've tried. There are a lot of sampler packs on Amazon, but after doing some research I chose to order around 30 each of just a few different blades to try, avoiding all of the lesser-quality "filler". I'll compare here and there to Mach-3 blades since that's what I previously used before switching to electric, and now this.First off, Derby is what came with my razor. These you can practically rake across your face any way you see fit. They aren't very sharp, on par with a Mach-3 that's been used a few times. Shaving requires more strokes which leads to more irritation, especially on the neck. That said, I'd say these are a good blade if you're super worried about cutting yourself, because it's practically impossible. But even beginners might want to look elsewhere as these blades kind of ruin the "shaving experience". Don't be disappointed if you just bought this razor and have only tried these blades! Keep reading...I ordered a 100-pack of Astra SP Platinum (that's Astra Superior Premium Platinum, not the regular stainless) since it's under ten bucks at the time of this writing. These are great. Beginners, start here. They're sharp enough that you don't have to press the razor against your skin which you shouldn't have to! You're supposed to let the weight of your razor do the work as you guide it along your face in short strokes. So naturally, these are sharper than Mach-3 blades, but if you do press a little, you probably won't nick yourself. I love these blades because for me, they're comfortable enough for everyday use and provide good, close shaves at a very inexpensive price. Easy on my neck with care. My go-to blade. Great for beginners and pros alike, and eligible for Subscribe & Save!Wilkinson Sword Classic seem to be great blades for people who have their technique down pretty well. Compared to Astra SP Platinum, they are sharper. They provided the best shave of the lot, but I did nick myself here and there on my neck and below my chin the first time around. Do not push these blades against your skin. It doesn't take much mastery to use these, and they're worth working up to. Downside: more than twice the price of Astra SP Platinum. I'll keep some of these around for days when I want the closest shave possible, or I just feel like something different. If you're new to traditional shaving or think Mach-3 blades are sharp, maybe don't start here, but definitely try them out.Feather "New Hi Stainless" Platinum Coated blades are exactly what the reviews say: sharp. My first shave I got a good amount of nicks, but my second I had almost none. I adapted well, and you have to; each brand is a little different and the best require good technique, but some are more forgiving than others. These are negligibly sharper than the Wilkinson Sword Classic but they aren't forgiving at all and I didn't achieve any better of a shave. They're incredibly sharp compared to a Mach-3 blade. At 2x the price of the aforementioned and more than 3x the price of Astra SP Platinum, I won't be keeping these on hand, but your mileage may vary. If you only want the sharpest blade around, this is it. Fun fact: these come ten to a pack instead of five.In conclusion, I'm sticking with Astra SP Platinum for regular use and Wilkinson Sword Classic when I'm up for something sharper. I shave every other day, and either is priced reasonably enough that if I want, I can use each side of a blade just once for a fresh edge every shave. That's about a 100-pack every year, so do the maths on price. Of course, both brands last much longer than this if you're looking for even better value.3SECOND TIME AND LAST, KNOCKOFFS OR REJECTS, SOLD BY AMAZON LLCSAVE YOURSELF THE PAIN OF BUYING THESE. This is my SECOND time around with these yellow feathers from amazon (this final time being sold even by Amazon LLC so nowhere sketchy) andI dont know if my luck is literally just that bad or these yellow feather's just have something VERY wrong with them and literally feel like I was trying to shave with a broken piece of glass. I had the exact same experience my first time months ago buying these and knew it couldnt be the real deal, so I bought from Amazon a couple of the grey 5 pack feathers and the difference was night and day literally. Finished those and figured id try these with my new handle and what a regret that was after having a second battle of normandy bloodbath of a shave yet again. Never again, and btw these look IDENTICAL to real feathers so I couldnt imagine they are knockoffs but if they are its sure a good copy, shave aside lol.1I like using the Feathers in my less aggressive razorsIf you are buying double edge razor blades for the first time, try a sampler pack before you buy a large amount of one type of blade. That being said, I like using the Feathers in my less aggressive razors. The sharpness of the Feather seems to compliment them and give me a great shave.5

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Feather

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