Epsoak Epsom Salt 39.5 Lbs 100% Pure Magnesium Sulfate, Made In Usa

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
  • Highest Pure Quality (Made In Usa): Epsoak Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Is Made In The Usa And Is Pharmaceutical Grade. It Is Gmo Free (Genetically Modified Organism) And Kosher Certified.
  • Dissolves Quickly/Great Value: When Adding Epsoak To Your Bath You Will See Why It Is Far Superior. It Is The Perfectly Selected Grain Size For Dissolving Very Quickly & Easily In Warm Water. Its Transparent/Slightly White In Color And Is Odorless In Scent. Buy In Bulk And Save.
  • Relax Muscles & Improve Skin: Known For Its Amazing Therapeutic Qualities, An Epsom Salt Bath Can Help To Relieve Muscle Aches And Pains, Relieve Aching Feet, Cleanse Pores, Flush Out Toxins, Detoxify The Skin. Mix With Shower Gel To Create Your Own Body Scrub.
  • Works On Plants And Garden: Epsom Salt Can Do Amazing Things To Help Your Garden Flourish. Epsom Salt For Plants Is A Completely Natural And Cost Efficient Way To Give Them That Extra Boost To Help Your Plants Thrive. Use On Plants, Lawn, Shrubs And More...
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee The San Francisco Salt Company Is Confident That You Will Be Happy With The Quality Of Our Products And Stand Behind Every Single Item. If You Are Not Satisfied With Your Purchase Return The Product For A Full Refund. We Are Gmp Certified.
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Customer Reviews

Will buy again soon!I love this huge bag of Epsom Salt! It's cheaper to buy this bag rather than the small bags of Epsom salt at Walgreens or CVS. I use a cup of this in my bath about 3 or 4 times a week with essential oils. Using this will help replenish the Magnesium that your body is lacking. After I take 1 bath with this, my headaches are gone instantly. Fast shipping! The San Francisco Salt Company also has friendly customer service because they sent me an e-mail to follow up on how I liked this. I will buy again soon!!!5Fantastic and Very Versatile!I've always kept epsom salts around the house. Nothing is better for soaking an infected hangnail or sprained ankle or helping to draw out a splinter. Sadly, the last time I went to buy them locally all I could find was a waxed carton containing relatively huge, vaguely purple "lavender" crystals, not at all what I was after. Nothing could be farther from that than these Epsoak Epsom Salts that arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago from the San Francisco Salt Company.The very first thing I noticed about these Epsoak Epsom Salts is that they are much finer crystals than the stuff in the waxed carton and they glitter the way that a certain type of snow does when light shines on it, so much so that my very first thought was "wouldn't that make great snow for Christmas decorations!" As it turns out, Epsoak Epsom Salts absolutely would make great "snow" for Christmas decorations - and you can use these for dozens of other things too. Here are just a few I've found -* Epsom salt is mostly a chemical called magnesium sulfate. It is great for plants. Feed your houseplants monthly with water to which you've added 2 tablespoons of epsom salt per gallon of water.* Outdoor plants love epsom salt too. See the Epsom Salt Council website for specifics of how much & how often to feed your peppers, tomatoes, roses, lawn and other outdoor plants.* Add a pinch of epsom salt to each hole as you plant your bulbs for spring flowering to keep critters from feasting on them.* A little Mod Podge CS11202 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Gloss Finish and some Epsoak Epsom Salts will have you turning out luminarias, artificial snowballs, greeting cards and much more.* Combine Epsoak Epsom Salts and warm conditioner to volumize your hair* Add a small handful to your shower gel for a natural body scrub* 2 tablespoons dissolved in a cup of water will sooth mosquito bites, bee stings, poison ivy and mild sunburn. Soak a cotton washcloth or pad and apply as a compress.If I'm lucky, there just may be a handful or two leftover for my bath . . . .Two thumbs up!5A must for calming the nerves and relaxing the muscles!Love this product! It's a natural way to get the body's magnesium needs and it's so relaxing. After a good warm soak in the tub, I can sleep like a baby. Did you know that magnesium (Epsom Salts) is lost in the body through stress, and who doesn't have stress these days? This is a great way to replenish your magnesium levels. Be sure to soak for at least 20 minutes. I keep these Epsoak Salts on hand all the time.5No longer a skepticI reordered in the large size. I tried a smaller size because I read the reviews that it helped aching and swollen feet. Somewhat skeptical, I wanted to test it first before committing to a larger size. As I age, alas, my feet have started to give me trouble and sometimes can be quite painful if I have been on them most of the day. I use a generous amount 1-2 cups in a hot foot bath and let my feet soak until the water cools and it has really worked for me. Instead of waking with aching feet at night, I can sleep well. Since I am a prime member, the shipping of the larger amount is not an issue and I hope it lasts a long, long time. I liked this so much, I ordered the Lavender bath salts too.5Good product!My 7 year old suffers from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and night terrors. Her night terrors have been very extreme since she was 1 1/2. At the advice of her sleep specialist, we started giving her Epsom salt baths to help with her RLS. She also was prescribed iron therapy - between the two items (Epsom salt and iron) her sleep has improved tremendously. She takes a salt bath approximately once a week with about 2 cups of Epsom salt.I have also used this Epsom salt for detox baths.Good product!5

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Epsoak

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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