Eltamd Uv Clear Spf 46, 48 Gram 1.7 Oz.

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
  • Lightweight, Oil Free Formulation
  • Provides Broad Spectrum Protection
  • May Be Worn Alone Or Under Makeup
  • Calms And Soothes Skin
  • Ideal For Sensitive Or Acne Prone Complexions
  • More

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Customer Reviews

Counterfeit Elta MD productI was very disappointed to find out the Elta MD skincare product I had purchased was fake according to my dermatologist. The clue was in the shape of the dispensing tip on the top. You can see how it is rounded from the picture. Should not be rounded. Lord knows what was in the bottle that I applied to my skin.1Great sunscreen. Light, high SPF, not oily, & niacinamide.My favorite sunscreen that I have found so far. It goes on clear, is light, high SPF, not oily, and it has niacinamide to help fade PIH. It is a slightly more expensive for the amount you get, but it does work wonderfully. It's a great physical sunscreen with Zinc Oxide vs the chemical options out there. If you believe all sunscreens are equal you might want to check out the differences between physical and chemical sunscreens. If you have a bad reaction to one it is worth trying the other type of sunscreen. A downside that recently came up is that the dispenser has changed. Before it used to work beautifully and a single pump would be enough to cover my entire face due to the air tightness of the bottle. The new dispenser design allows air to get inside causing multiple pumps in order to get a proper portion. But even with the flaw I still have to say it's one of the best sunscreens I have come across, I'd just wish they would revert back to the older dispenser design.5This is 2nd time that the pump does not work ...This is 2nd time that the pump does not work.I had to break the top to get to the cream and use my fingers to get the cream.1It works so wellI m absolutely obsessed with this SPF. It works so well for my skin that I ve now entered it into my skin care daily line up, and it s an integral part of my line up. I have really bad rosacea, and when I went to a new dermatologist she told me that I needed to use something less oily than the banana boat I was slathering on if I wanted my ease the effects of my rosacea. I started using it in conjunction with this new sulfur based facial mask TreeActiv Anti Acne & Rosacea Treatment Sulfur Mask Plus Rhassoul, Bentonite Clay Mask with Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera - Refreshing Lemon Scent (1 Jar) (8 Oz) that has really been rocking out on my skin and clearing it up. Basically I use the mask as an exfoliator, which clears up my acne, reduces redness, and brightens my skin, then I use this TreeActiv+ Tea Tree Oil Acne Solution for Advanced Acne Treatment - All Natural Acne Spot Treatment - Blemishes Gone or Your Money Back! (60ml) stuff as an astringent, and then I put the Eltamd right before I put my make up on for the day. This new system I ve been using has been working like a charm. The Eltamd is so good at protecting my skin from the sun that it doesn t get dried out at all, and it doesn t burn like it used to. Also generally speaking, my skin is so much better than it was a month ago and I m hoping the improvements will just keep going. I definitely recommend this SPF to anyone who s looking for a lightweight protectant against the sun that won t clog their pores or cause them to break out.5Great SunscreenI do a lot of boating and spend lots of time in the sun. A good sunscreen is obviously important to keep your skin looking healthy and to protect you from skin cancer. Eltamd is the best, it goes on easy and is not greasy at all. You must get this sunscreen! Another amazing skin product that keeps my skin looking young and amazing is Vitamiss Youth Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant & Anti-Aging Supplement just a wonderful skin vitamin that I highly recommend. Get these and keep your skin looking perfect.5

Product Information

Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: EltaMD

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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    - Yogita Dodani

    Very good product at very good price, you have a happy :-) customer. Over all, I am completely happy with my purchase. God bless you.

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    - Megha Ghosh

    Perfect packaging, product reached on time. Thanks for bringing this product to India