Cocoa Butter Raw Pure Unrefined 1 Lb Food Grade Bar Incredible Natural Cacao Scent Eliminate S

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Premium Product Responsibly Grown On A Small Family Farm. The Dominican Republics Best!
  • All In One Beauty Miracle With Just A Dab Of Our Caribbean Cacao, Youll Be Able To Reduce Signs Of Aging, Scars And Blemishes As Well As Restore Skin Glow And Eliminate Stretch Marks.
  • Cook With It Perfect For Baking (White Chocolate, Cake, Pudding, Brownies, And More)
  • Diy Projects For Homemade Body Lotions And Creams, Skin Cleansers And Moisturizers, Lip Balms, Massage Oils, Body Butters And Scrubs, Hair Conditioners And Much Much More!!
  • Close Relationship With Producers We Are Direct Importers, Cutting Out The Middle Man And Working With Small, Family Farmers In The Dominican Republic. This Ensures That We Bring You The Absolute Highest Quality Cocoa Butter Available Anywhere. No Other Amazon Seller Can Make This Claim.
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Customer Reviews

Made my body butter look and smell like frosting! YUM!I used the entire brick in a big batch of homemade body butter and as one of the ingredients of my homemade chapstick. This stuff made both smell like CAKE. Melted nicely, stayed smooth, whipped evenly with the shea butter I added it to, and the end products look and smell like icing.I make a lot of body butters, balms, and lip stuffs, and I've tried a few brands of cocoa butters, I don't repurchase if the butter brick has a mottled appearance like chocolate that's been melted and then resolidified at cool temps very quickly. I don't know whether the mottled appearance I've sometimes seen on other brands affects the natural properties of the cocoa butter or not, but it is my personal preference that the bar LOOK smooth and even when I receive it. THIS cocoa butter looked exactly how I wanted it to look. Shredded easily without crumbling in my hands, smells fantastic.I will definitely be repurchasing.5To die for!I knew my package had arrived because my entire mailbox smelled like chocolate. Delicious yummy dark delightful chocolate. l rushed upstairs to open it and was floored by the scent once I had the bag open. There are several reviewers who said they received the product in disc shaped pieces, some who said it didn't smell like cocoa butter, etc.. h..I have no idea what they ordered because THIS wonderful hunk of product smells like a chocolate dream and arrived in a big old bar. It is not hard or crumbly. I found the easiest way to apply it was to simply push a bit of the bar up out of the foil and rub the exposed portion directly on my skin, holding the remainder of the bar inside the foil bag. This is much faster and r and less messy than chipping away at the bar, warming up the pieces and trying to control them in my now buttered hands. After a while, the cocoa butter was absorbed beautifully. I wasn't greasy, but my skin felt baby soft. The scent lightened, so I have no fear of smelling like a Hershey Bar all day. I plan to store it in the fridge. Honestly, I have never experienced cocoa butter like this in all my life. You must try it, not only for the awesome quality, but do the math! Your average drugstore quality stick of cocoa butter costs about $3-$4 for about 1 ounce. That works out to $48 or more per pound. That makes this a real steal...and that stuff probably has additives and other stuff that you didn't want if you searched "pure cocoa butter" like I did.5It does not weigh a pound!!!!This only weighs 414 grams WITH the bag, and so it's 13 3/4 oz instead of 16. 414 grams is 14 5/8 oz, the bag weighs 7/8 oz, so it's about 2 1/4 oz short. That makes it more expensive. $18 a pound. That is too much to ask. I would give less stars, but that's not an option. And there is no link to contact the seller.1NO words I can use could accurately describe how marvelous & amazing this stuff is!!!WOW! This stuff is amazing Especially from the seller I got it from... (who says he is also the farmer- which is awesome, assuming it's accurate... it's typically the ones who do all the real work who get the least compensation).I've used it in two skin salves/composts that I prepared and I've used it in a variety of foods & recipes- all with amazing results!Just the aroma alone is almost intoxicating! It almost smells like dark chocolate...Most recently I substituted this cocoa butter instead of dairy butter in two components of a dessert I made. I used it in the dough for profiteroles (pate a choux). The aroma that came wafting from the over when I removed them was heavenly! And I also put it in the pastry cream I made (again in lieu of the butter the recipe calls for) but I put an 33% more than the recipe called for. My final product was a variation on a bavarian cream lightened with whipped cream which I flavored with blanched raspberry puree and the cocoa butter (giving it a distinctly pronounced white chocolate flavor even against the raspberries- without having to add white chocolate- in at least double that quantity I used (in order to get that flavor since white chocolate has very little if any actual cocoa butter- it's all hydrogenated fat, sweeteners, artificial flavorings, stabilizers & milk solids) & then try to calculate the necessary adjustments to pastry cream recipe so that the sweetness & consistency came out as expected).The final results were spectacular- even better that I was hoping for. I can't overstate how amazed I am by the amount & intensity of flavor that the cocoa butter added to both items without the need to alter the recipes in ANY way despite the fact that the melting point of the cocoa butter is much higher than dairy butter. In fact I can think of a number of applications in which the higher melting point would provide a distinct advantage: pie crust doughs & puff pastry.Can you even imagine puff pastry made with cocoa butter?! Now in that case, you wouldn't want to use more than about 50% cocoa butter because dairy butter is only about 85% fat with at least 2/3 of the remaining volume being water- which plays a crucial role as a leavening agent when that water expands by a factor of ~10 as it turns to steam.I can assure you I will be doing some experiments with both of those ideas!And ordering some more in just a moment...5

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Caribbean Cacao
Package Qauntity: 1

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    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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