Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette, 0.3 Ounce

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • 20 Eye Shadow Colors
  • Matte And Shimmer Shades
  • Slim Palette Perfect For Travel

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Customer Reviews

Lovely and convenient paletteGreat bargain for great colors. Pigment lasts, and the fallout is similar to my UD Naked 3 so I can't complain. I compared with my friends actual UD Naked 1&2 palettes and even she is impressed at the matches. Really glad there is a clear plastic sheet protecting the shadows, it's also pretty useful if you want to label the shades with the UD names! Helps if you're following a tutorial, then you can be sure you're using the right shade. I included a photo of my labeled palette!5The Best buy for an eyeshadow paletteI honestly don't know what or how to say it better from all the other who have submitted a review for this AWESOME eye shadow palette. I don't know what took me so long to order the Reveal 2 palette. I should have ordered both at the same time. That's what I get...but I'll have the Reveal 1 in a few days. The colors are amazing, high pigment and last all day. I swear you can't beat the price for 20 shades!!!!!! I did include a pic for this review and I took this after a 10 hr work day....just so you know ;) .5I was very impressed at first...So I received this today and started playing with it. The colors are just so lovely. I've always wanted the Naked3 but I refuse to spend $54 on a dang eyeshadow palette. The reviews on Youtube and Amazon is what made me decide to try the CS Revealed 2 Palette. I was blown away while I was applying the shadows on my eye. I thought I created a very pretty look. I used Milani eyeshadow primer and I don't know what went wrong because when my husband and I got home from our date... there was some creasing and I was shocked how the colors faded. I was a little disappointed hence the 3 star ratings. Maybe next time I will use my trusty Wet n Wild primer instead of Milani (tried this primer for the first time today too). I really want to make this palette work because the colors are so beautiful.Will definitely update this review once I am able to figure out how to make the staying power better.P.S.Expect some fallouts so do your eye makeup first before applying foundation on your face.UPDATE: JULY 2016I started playing with this baby again for the past 3 weeks instead of buying a new eyeshadow palette. I mentioned on my previous review that I really like the colors but I wasn't impressed with the longeivity. I used Milani eyeshadow primer and I didn't know it was the culprit ( I know I know it has excellent reviews! it sucks for me). Lately, I have been using my holy grail eyeshadow primer- Wet n Wild (Fergie) and boy what a world of difference! I can hardly believe it. The colors are even prettier and my eye makeup lasts all day/night even in hot, humid days in Alabama. I've been very pleased with this palette. I find myself reaching out for this palette when I am in the mood for a romantic eye look or smokey plum. I am also so in love with that shimmery gold/champagne color on top (7th color from left). I use it on the lid to make my eyes pop. I am willing to buy this palette even just for that single color lol.I guess what I am trying to say is that this palette is excellent as long as you use the right primer. So glad I gave it a chance! I now own the UD Naked Palette and I can honestly say that the CS Palette is comparable.5Better than the Naked 3I think this is better than the Naked 3. And before you call me some sort of crazy 14 year old that doesn't understand quality in make up, hear me out.I use nearly all mid end and high end makeup. Therefore, I can't make any comments about things found at the drugstore, but I hate the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I think some of their other palettes and singles are fine, but the Naked line is terrible. The matte shades don't have very much pigmentation and are chalky, while the shimmers and glitters tend to end up on my cheeks rather than my eyes. I think that for the price, there are so many better neutral palette alternatives, like the Lorac Pro or Too Faced Neutral Eye.BUT. I really liked the shades in the Naked 3. So I decided to try it out and see if my original thoughts about the Naked line were still true. And unfortunately they were. The Naked 3 shadows were very poor quality. None of the shades were very wow inducing, and they all had a ridiculous amount of fallout with little pigmentation. And the best part was when I returned it to Sephora and the sales lady told me that these types of shades just don't look good on pale skin. Yeah okay.However, I still had a desire for pink eye lids. And a couple weeks ago, I received a little Revealed sampler in my Birchbox. I was really pleased with the quality of the shadows, and I thought, why don't I just get the Revealed 2 then. And I did.This palette is fantastic. And that's comparing it to mid end eyeshadows. The shades are all very pigmented, they show up on my skin, and the lasting power with a primer is solid. I personally used the Nars smudge proof primer, but I'm sure others would do. I also like that there is so much variation in the palette. I have used it for simple daytime looks and dramatic going out ones. I have also not had any problems with blending the shadow with my Sigma and Mac brushes.However, I will address the fall out issue. I find that for simple looks, if you are just patting on one or two colors on the lid, fall out is very minimal. But for more complex looks with lots of blending, yes there is some fall out. I would recommend doing your eyes first and then your foundation in those situations. But it's nothing you can't work with.Lastly, the only real complain I have about this palette is that the packaging is janky. It's kind of similar to the cardboard packaging of the Lorac Pro. but not as nice, and without a mirror. Mine is also crooked and doesn't close quite right. Which is a shame, but I still love the palette.4Nars/Urban Decay fan. Now a Revealed fan!Amazing pallet! The price is super low compared to its quality! Soft and buttery and lasts all day! Of course with a great primer/concerler. I absolutely love it! And with this price I am thinking of stocking just incase it ever goes up in price.5

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Coastal Scents
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