Classy Lady Professional Crystal Glass Finger Nails File Set With Case, Silver

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Crystal Nail File That Is Super Durable And Never Wears Out So You Only Need To Buy It Once
  • No More False Nails Or Needed And Is The Perfect Size For Your Handbag Kit, So You Can Have It With You All The Time As You Best Nail File Set
  • Slim And Sleek And Includes Matching Aluminium Colour Case To Protect In Your Handbag And Glass Nail File
  • Low Maintenance Just Wash Nails File With Warm Soapy Water To Maintain Top Rated Performance Of Your Nail Buffer
  • Premium Luxury Product For All Your Nail Files And Buffer Tasks To Give The Best Results. Checkout Out Complete Range.
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Customer Reviews

It works wonderfully - it takes a little getting used to as ...This is the first glass file I've used. It works wonderfully - it takes a little getting used to as you hardly need any pressure (I'm used to having to press a lot harder), but by the third nail I had the hang of it. Great product!5smooth actionThis nail file has a real smooth action to it, and does a really great job filing my nails quickly and smoothly. However, if my nails are very short, I have a hard time getting the file under my nail because the file has a rather thick edge ( inch). Also, with the thickness of the point at the end, you cannot use it to clean under the nail. The case is plastic, but does a good job of protecting the file and stays closed in my manicure basket.3Glass Files Are The Key!!I ordered this by instruction of a uTube video on Jamberry application. I was having trouble getting the ends of the wrap to seal and not peel. Not sure if the file will help with that. Yet to be assessed. However I used the file after my first failed attempt at Jamberry application and my nails are growing and growing without peeling like they normally do. I can never grow long nails without having a protective coat of shellac. Regular polish doesn't do the trick because it just chips and then my nails peel. Since I've been using this file my nails have grown with no care except this file. I guess this just speaks for glass files in general. I never knew they existed.As for this product in particular, it came quickly. The quality of the file seems good. The case is cheap looking, not really classy but it does the job. Not sure if I got the best deal for the price. I think there are other sets of three different grades for the same price. I'm happy with my purchase though.Photo of 3 weeks of growth, no peeling after peeling off Jamberry and only care is filing with this file.5Extremely pleased with this nail file!My daughter won an Amazon gift card in a contest and out of everything on Amazon she bought this. She's 17 years old and to her it's a luxury item. I can say after looking at it and seeing how well it works that it is a quality product. I just wanted to post a little something for a product that I think is good and could use some positive feedback for those of your who were considering buying this. 5 stars!5Thumbs up from a Guy.I like this nail file a lot. I removed 'Classy Lady' text on it with denatured alcohol and hard rubbing. I also 'filed' down the tip end so it's less pointed in hopes that TSA at the airport won't confiscate it. I have yet to completely file it down so my file in the pic is not the finished product, it need more filing down.I no longer need to file my nails with the file from my Leatherman.5

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: ClassyLady
Number of items: 1
Package Qauntity: 1

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    - Dr S Prakash

    Fantastic product. The fact that they were able to procure and deliver the product from USA. Kudos to the seller.

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    - Yogita Dodani

    Very good product at very good price, you have a happy :-) customer. Over all, I am completely happy with my purchase. God bless you.

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    - Megha Ghosh

    Perfect packaging, product reached on time. Thanks for bringing this product to India