Cirepil Blue Wax Refill, 14.11 Ounce Bag

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Cirepil Blue Enhances The Speed And Cost Effective Value Of Wax Procedures
  • Shrink Wraps Hair For Ease Of Removal
  • Applied Without A Cellophane Or Non Woven Strip
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Customer Reviews

Love this wax!I really love this wax! I am by no means a professional and I purchased this for my own personal home use and bought the 14oz Gigi wax warmer. They work perfectly together and I spent quite a few hours last night excitedly trying out areas to wax. I did not find waxing my armpits NEARLY as painful as I would using honey or soft wax with strips. It took me quite a while to get the right temperature and application down. This wax is a little tricky to adjust to but I find it WAY more convenient than any strip wax and much less messy. If you drop some, just let it dry and pick it off. Much better than the gooey honey wax I previously tried. I attached a picture of some used wax... Lol brave yourself. It looks like it could be Velcro.5Love this!I love*love*love this wax. I actually had to covertly look at the product my waxer-lady (estetician? beautician?) was using because she kept talking about how she is the only one that uses this brand of wax and how it is so superior and causes less pain. I finally caught a glimpse and ordered my own tin along with the GIGI wax warmer setup. For the price of one professional wax I have don't my own every 5 weeks for about the last year. Yes, giving yourself a brazilian is brutal. It doesn't look glamorous. You will say some very *very* bad words and consider going with a more 'retro' look. But even more brutal is spending $50-90 bucks every six weeks to have someone else do it!5PERFECT for removing hair without strips, warming machine or placing many layersI was looking for a replacement wax to what I have used for years (they don't make it anymore). A good wax in my opinion, doesn't require you to use strips or a warming machine. I read the reviews on Cirepil. MANY commented you have to use the blue colored wax. I also read some about pebbles and some sold solid in a container. The solid container was desired, but not at approximately $150 US dollars. I bought a bag of the dark blue (looks almost black) wax pebbles for about $20. I picked up a product plastic cup from a beauty supply store (Sally's) for about $4 (see pic). Poured about 1/2 cup of pebbles into the container, microwaved for about three and a half minutes on high to melt the wax. Used a "Popsicle" stick to spread on my upper lip and brow areas. Waited about one minute and pulled the dried wax strip off. It removed all my hairs. I didn't have to apply another layer of wax or pluck any stragglers. The wax grabbed them all! I reuse my wax, you can be grossed out all you want. I don't share the wax with anyone and I use it on my face only. I've done it for years with no issues. This 14.11 oz bag of pebbled wax will last me years. The only thing I wasn't thrilled with is the wax when dabbing/swiping on my face, when pulling away, I was left with a long strand that stretched and could fall into my eyelashes or something. When pulling the stick away from your face to break the connection, it doesn't break away easily. That's not the end of the world, but took extra effort when trying to not get it on things. I read some comments that said it turned their skin blue. I'm thinking they used a different brand/type. The kind I purchased does not turn your skin blue. I do have sensitive skin, so of course the waxed areas were really red. That's pretty standard and the redness last for two to three hours. Even if I have it professionally done.5Great Wax Pros and very few Cons!I'm giving this a 5 star rating although it really deserves a 4.5 (but that's not an option) I am pretty old to the waxing game (I wax myself and my VERY close friends). The first heating of the wax took about 30 minutes which was normal. I've read many of the prior reviews; good and bad. Things I noticed as I waxed compared to what reviewers wrote. It left a blue color on the skin: False. I have no blue residue at all on my skin. I prepped and cleaned up with some tea tree oil and it left everything nice. Another thing I noticed on a poor review was that "you have to apply so much in order to rip it off" well yes.. There's a certain thickness for hard wax to work at it's best BUT that is a known quality of hard wax NOT this wax. Also some comments about the smell. It smells like wax. Totally tolerable I actually forgot about it almost instantly. Hard wax is not for everyone, waxing yourself in general is not for everyone so if you can't handle the subtle wax smell... Don't wax. My own personal CON to this wax: my skin was very red for over an hour after waxing. (This is where the half of a star deduction comes from) I have been waxing myself for a very long time and I do have sensitive skin but never had this much redness before. I can definitely live with it. I've tried " clean and easy hard wax acai berry" good smell, EXTREMELY stringy, decent hair removal. 3 stars. Another wax I have tried is "Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax" also a 3 star wax. Smell was not the best but tolerable, decent hair removal, awkward cream color. And last but not least the classic "GIGI Brazilian Body Hard Wax" I'll give this one a 4 because it was the first wax I used and it's a pretty safe and classic beginner wax. Smell is not important wax removal isn't bad. NONE of these waxes though come even close to the hair removal capabilities of Cirepil Blue Wax. I am a very thick haired Italian and this removed my hair with 1 application. Not once did I have to go over a spot for a second time. It was amazing. Yes hard wax used a lot in order to remove but I used so much less wax only applying over each spot once that it made it worth it. So because I have tried a few different waxes this is the one to use!5great waxWorking as a waxer at a well know waxing franchise I wanted to test out other waxes to see if the wax we use at work is really one of a kind. This wax comes very close and is very easy to work with. Because the wax I use at work is exclusive to the company and its brand, if I had to purchase a wax to use outside of work, I'd buy cirepil.4

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
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