Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes, White Tea Extract, 90 Count Total (Pack Of 3)

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Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
  • Three 30 Ct. Packs Of Fsc Certified Cloth Towelettes
  • Formulated With White Tea Extract
  • Removes Dirt, Oil And Make Up Without Rinsing
  • Dermatologist Tested And Ophthalmologist Tested Face Wipes
  • 99.1% Natural Pre Moistened Cleansing Wipes
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Customer Reviews

Scent Is a Turn-offI try to use natural products and love Burt's Bees. However, these had a horrible scent! I couldn't believe how strongly scented they were and how unpleasant it was. It smelled kind of like the all-natural bug sprays that are scented with pungent essential oils. I will not be repurchasing.2It burned and didn't even remove my makeup well.This product is awful! It burned and didn't even remove my makeup well.Let me say that I have purchased the Burt Bees towelettes in the Cucumber and Sage, and loved it. It felt cool and refreshing, and removed all of my makeup. I decided to get this one, pink grapefruit. Even with gentle strokes across my face it burns. They're useless to me and I will be throwing them out because I wouldn't want anyone else experiencing the bad reaction that I experienced1I absolutely love Burt's Bees ... :)I absolutely love Burt's Bees products and when I saw that they had facial cleansing towelettes (and on amazon no less, where I get FREE shipping) I knew that I had to have them. I've tried Neutrogena (meh) Oil of Olay (NO) and ponds (eh, okay) and have still been on the hunt to find towelettes that I could use to take off the majority of my makeup without having to resort to chemical make up removers. I tried this product and it worked really well on me. It removed all not only the make up from my face but also the dirt and grime that gets on your face throughout the day.I actually don't have very sensitive skin, but when trying new products I like trying the mildest product first for testing it out. I've been using these for a week and I absolutely love them. I use them before I use my TreeActiv Anti Acne & Rosacea Treatment Sulfur Mask Plus Rhassoul, Bentonite Clay Mask with Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera - Refreshing Lemon Scent (1 Jar) (4 Oz), and it really helps get rid of all of the excess make-up left on my face after washing. This mask by the way, is really good to use after the wipes, it removes all of the impurities from your face for a deep clean and also helps with acne and evening skin tone. It even has a really lovely oil, TreeActiv+ Tea Tree Oil Acne Solution for Advanced Acne Treatment - All Natural Acne Spot Treatment - Blemishes Gone or Your Money Back! (60ml) for use after the mask, that really gets rid of acne and moisturizes the skin. At any rate, I definitely recommend using the Burt's cleansing wipes alongside the mask and oil I mentioned.5Peach is my favorite scent, and these are a way better deal per pack than anywhere else!The peach is my absolute favorite and this is a great deal on them!!!Updated review:Let me start off by saying, these are $7.50+ in local stores, per pack, so buying in bulk does save you about $8, or, gives you 1 out of 5 packs for free. Next, the peach scent is harder to find in my area than the other scents, like the cotton, cucumber, or grapefruit. I don't really like the other scents, don't get me wrong, they aren't terrible, but they don't smell as nice as these do. The problem is that only one store carries them where I live (a Cracker Barrell, haha) and they are more expensive. Plus, they don't have as many to choose from, so you never really know if they will be sold out or not when you need your favorite scent.Why I like these: the peach is really awesome. they clean all your makeup off, and make your skin feel and smell amazing!!! I like the option to buy four packs at once because i HATE running out of my favorite face wipes and having to settle for another scent. If you try these, you'll understand. Plus, the cucumber scent kind of stings my skin for some reason, and these DO NOT.They are plenty big, and can take off all your makeup with only one wipe.Loved free shipping, and all the other perks that go with buying on amazon. Will definitely buy these again when I run out.If you found my review helpful, please rate it as helpful:) I try to be as detailed as possible to help my fellow shoppers decide on products.5Product was dried out with an incorrect scentI have bought these same wipes for the past two years from Ulta & Target & have even purchased them from another seller on Amazon before so was excited to see this 3 pack on the subscribe and save deal. I just opened up my first package and the wipes are quite dried out and not only that, they do not smell like they normally do. I know this product well so I know what it is supposed to smell like as well as how wet they typically are when I have bought them in person and this package smelled pretty much identical to the white tea pack which I have also tried in the past. Instead of notes of fresh grapefruit, it had strong notes of jasmine in it. I even asked my boyfriend to smell them without looking at the package and tell me what he smelled and he immediately said heavy floral. Now I don't know if the smell was off due to the product being old or exposed to heat, or if the wrong product was packaged under the pink grapefruit, but the scent is so overpowering to me, that they are hard for me to use. I had to add a little water to the package to rehydrate the wipes within. I do NOT like strong floral notes so tend to pick dominantly citrus or citrus with only an undertone of floral in any of my cleansing products. Very disappointed.1

Product Information

Delivery Time : 1-3 Weeks
Brand: Burts Bees
Number of items: 1
Package Qauntity: 1

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