Aromatherapy Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil Gift Basic Sampler Essent

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Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils, Therapeutic Grade, We Test The Veracity Of The Purity And Potency Of Our Oils
  • No Additive, No Fillers, Just Pure Essential Oils. Unwavering Commitment To The Highest Quality Products
  • Each Gift Box Comes With 6 Amber Brown Bottles Bottles, 30 Ml With Dropper. This Will Keep The Oils Fresh And Help Against Light Degradation
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed. Yes On All Your Purchase :)

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Customer Reviews

Love these oils!These oils are amazing. It's my first time using essential oils in a diffuser and I love it. They smell really great. The lavender and peppermint go great together for sleeping at night and the lemongrass made my house smell clean and fresh. I also love that there's no plastic dropper, but instead has the lid with the built in dropper (not sure what they're called), but real essential oils have them so it just assures me even more that these are pure. The packaging was very nice and secure and the little box was so cute! They're good sized bottles and will probably last me awhile. Definitely going to be ordering more from this company. Just be careful because it's not safe to diffuse Tea Tree oil around dogs! I unfortunately can't diffuse this one.5Bought for my sis for Christmas and just bought one for myselfThese scents are all wonderful. And they are all strong enough that if you sniff them out of the bottle they may singe your nose haha. My favorite is probably sweet orange, but they all have useful medicinal purposes. If anyone in my house gets a head or chest cold I am sure the eucalyptus will be used. The peppermint seems to have a positive impact on my sinuses. I actually just used some of the tea tree oil for a hair and skin care recipe using olive oil and essential oils. It worked out very well, especially for my skin. I tend to have very dry, irritated skin in the winter time, and lotions just don't seem to help for very long. I started using olive oil and then thought, why not try adding the essential oils in the recipe? You can tell the difference between just using olive oil versus using olive oil mixed with this tea tree oil. Therefore, while the olive oil works great, the tea tree oil from this sampler definitely adds to the positive effect it has on my skin.My sister plans on using these oils for making homemade soaps. If she gets around to this anytime soon I will try to remember to update this review and let everyone know how well it worked with these oils.Update 1/20/14I recently started doing some research on essential oils to assuage my own curiosity and I feel I should share it with anyone thinking of purchasing them (which I assume you are if you are reading this).First and foremost, the grading systems companies use to grade their products are all relative because there is no regulation of the grades. So when it says "therapeutic grade", that just means it's that companies idea of therapeutic grade. That's not to say they are misrepresenting their products, but there will be variance between products because there is no standard, so finding a brand you trust is important.Second, don't assume you can use an essential oil for flavoring anything you're going to eat unless it's either food grade (usually labeled and more diluted to prevent injury), has been inspected by the FDA (these will have a nutrition label somewhere), or you know the oils are 100% pure with no additives and you know how to appropriately dilute them to make them edible. If there is no FDA label, there is a good chance that the oil is not 100% what it says it is - it most likely has some additives that are probably best not to consume. For these oils in particular, I personally would not consume them, despite the fact that the labels say they are 100% "insert oil here". The fact that the label specifically says "for external use only" helps that decision :PI lowered my rating of these oils from 5 stars to 4 simply because they are not as pure as I thought they were going to be. Still perfectly usable for their scents, but I think next time I will look for some essential oils that I can be sure are pure (I see more research in my near future... *sobs*).These are just the basics that I gleaned from my research, but if you want to do your own I found this site very helpful:[...]I hope that all helps!4I absolutely love this setI absolutely love this set. I love how there are so many options and they last so long too. The sweet orange and peppermint might be my favorite combination. However, they're all wonderful.I use these in our diffuser as well as putting a few drops in almond oil as lotion/calming aid for not only us, but our pets. Lavendar+almond oil really helps calm our pets if they have anxiety and or if they're really overtly hyper. Works just as well as a thunder shirt.5Great quality and shipped in a nice box that kept ...Great quality and shipped in a nice box that kept them safe and sound through their travels here. they have a great aroma and work wonders. My wife and i have been long time users of oils and these are some of the best quality we have seen from getting online. Will be a repeat customer. Did you like my review or find it useful? If so then please click Yes on the "Was this review helpful?" button below5Wonderful starter pack for essential oil newbies!I am a newbie to the world of essential oils, and I wasn't entirely sure what scents I would like. That's why I was looking for some kind of variety pack to test out. I came across this Kis Essential Oil Gift Set, and decided to give it a try.I have really enjoyed testing the various scents individually and also in a combination. This has been a really great "starter pack" for me to test the waters, and determine what scents I enjoy. I use these in a diffuser, and a few drops is really all you need. I have owned this set for many months now, and still have plenty of oils. Used sparingly, it should definitely last you a long time.Overall, for the cost and quality of the essential oils, this is an excellent purchase! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is new to essential oils or just enjoys the variety this set can bring. When I run out, I will be a return customer.5

Product Information

Delivery Time : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Kis OilS
Package Qauntity: 1

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